Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ice Skating Fun

Well the holidays might be over but I still keep finding more fun stuff. I had some free time in between working events for LoveCats so I decided to dress myself up and have a lil bit of fun in Second Life. Though granted, the dressing up is my favorite part! As usual, this outfit was put together with items that are mostly free.

It's a pretty simple outfit and probably doesn't make sense. I mean, I'm playing in the snow without a jacket! Let's just say I forgot it at home. Hehe But it makes it easier to show off my cool shirt from Prim & Pixel Paradise. It was free and it's unisex. The jeans are from Phoenix Rising, I wanted a dark color to go with the bright red ice skates from V Style and yes, they were also free.

As you can see I enjoyed my free time! I took these photos at Christmas Village (go visit!) and the ice skating was a blast. It's also where I found the polo shirt and many other great freebies. Antlers, boots, dresses, scarves; it's a lovely holiday experience for SL and I'm glad I visited. But more about the outfit, yes?

The look is finished off with free hair from Calico Ingmann Creations.  This is the male version called Lucian and in Ash, the female version is called Lucia and it doesn't have the hat. I thought the male hair mixed with the shirt, jeans and fingerless gloves gave this look a very casual hipster feel; almost Shane-esque (from The L Word). The skin is a Subscribe-o-Matic freebie from Laqroki and the eyes are available for free at Umedama Holic on the table. The necklace was free from Curious Kitties, part of their winter festival; a Christmas tree freebie.

All in all the only thing I paid for was the pants and I got them during the Phoenix Rising closing sale so they were only $25L.

Shirt - Prim & Pixel Paradise - FREE
Pants - Phoenix Rising (store closed)
Hair - Calico Ingmann Creations - FREE

Eyes - Umedama Holic - FREE

Gloves - sf design - FREE

Ice Skates - V Style - FREE

Skin - Laqroki - FREE (subscribe-o-matic)

Necklace - Curious Kitties - FREE

Snow Day

So I had a lovely day off from work on SL and decided to dress up for the winter weather. NYC had a horrid blizzard so it's been very white why not celebrate it on Second Life as well? It's rare that I get to dress the way I want to so it was fun to style this outfit up and still be in theme for the season...sort of.

Best part of this outfit most of it was FREE! Free is my favorite word on SL, especially when I can still be stylish. The look mainly revolves around the jacket and boots. The boots I got from Bootgasm a while back, they were on sale for $99L but I never had a chance to wear them. I knew they'd work well with a plush winter coat and just my luck this one was a free member gift from ::Gabriel:: so it was obviously a sign.
I needed white pants to contrast the darker boots and the leggings were free at *COCO*. Even though they are ripped I still think it adds a hip look to the winter feel. I had my eyes on a red or black shirt and found a bit of both in this "I <3 Bad Boys" t-shirt from T Junction. Best part it was 10!

Even the basics of this look are free. The skin is from *P.S. Style* part of some of their Christmas deals. They have great skins there for cheap with lovely cleavage. The hair is from TRUTH, a free gift from their Subscribe-o-matic so be fast! Glasses were free from NAIMA but the LM to the store doesn't seem to be working. The ring is from Earthstone as a group gift but it costs to join the group.

All and all this look cost me under $200L (not counting eyes and shape) and is totally great for the winter months. The leggings may not scream "winter" but the jacket and boots shall keep me warm! I think the ripped leggings and message t-shirt make this look very casual and perfect wandering the streets of Second Life.

Hair - TRUTH - FREE (Subscribe-o-Matic)
Eyes - FNKY
Necklace - ::Gabriel:: - FREE
Jacket - ::Gabriel:: - FREE
Leggings - *COCO* - FREE
Shirt - T Junction - $10
Boots - Bootgasm
Ring - Earthstone - FREE (group gift)
Belt - Phoenix Rising (store closed)
Sunglasses - NAIMA (LM didn't work)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New blog

I don’t like blogging nor do I have much to say. But it was recommend I get one so…here I am.