Monday, February 28, 2011

Limited Edition - Epoque and Glitterati

I did the unbelievable! I bought something on SL, more than 100L. I also fell into a bit of hype. I know, I know, it's only human but agh, the dress was just too lovely to pass up. And knowing it was a limited edition and I would be one of only 300 people on SL to have this dress. I had to get it! I had a bit of extra cash since I didn't buy anything this weekend. I passed up my usual sales mainly because nothing caught my fancy and annoying SL lag. (Ok, so I did buy a lil something...) After getting a new SL job, having a crappy SL interview for another job and still having to handle all my other SL work...I treated myself.

I guess to most in the SL fashion world, paying $395L for a dress isn't a huge deal. I mean, paying thousands of linden for jewelry and shoes is a walk in the park, right? In my case, no. It was a hard choice to lay out almost four hundred linden for a ball gown I won't wear much. Honestly, I usually am in clothes for the stores I work for and rarely have free time to dress as I wish. But when I saw this gown from Epoque it was lovely. Such a lovely nude color, very elegant yet not too out there. I could see myself wear it in the real world.

But since I can't wear it in the real world, I had a ball running around in it on SL. Epoque made this gown as preview for their upcoming collection. What better way to get the public exciting than to showcase an amazing gown and only sell a limited quantity. They also teamed up with Glitterati to make this exclusive preview pack so you not only get the dress but some amazing poses, which you can see in the photos I used for this post. Each store is selling the dress, 150 at each location. So you have two spots to find it but still only three hundred in total available.

I'm sure by the time anyone gets around to reading my post the dress will be sold out...but you never know! The long train, the lovely low cut and low back and the way it shows off your legs in the's a masterpiece and if I were you I'd rush to get it. Be one of the lucky 300 fashionistas to own this piece of art.

So the dress was expensive...the rest of the look was not. The hair was free from Sebis. It's also a limited free item so hurry on that, just the brown pack is free. The skin is from hsh and I picked up for free at the 3rd Anual Skin Fair. The bracelet is from Finesmith, was a past gift and the necklace and earrings are from LiNe, available at Chic Limited.

Dress - Epoque (also available at Glitterati for a limited time)

Hair - Sebis - FREE

Skin - hsh - FREE (Skin fair exclusive)

Necklace & Earrings - LiNe

Bracelet - Finesmith

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't censor my style!

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while but I haven't had much to talk about and I've been pretty busy. Since the It's on Sale event has been on hiatus and Chic Limited has been restructuring it's left me without any steady things to blog about. Not to mention being busy with the real world and my Second Life work. But I am here to post something that has been on my mind a while. I thought of this look a few weeks ago but could never find the time to talk about it. Pushing aside the couture and sleek shapes, this is me. This is Sophi and this is my style.

The idea for this look came from the body suit I'm wearing. I saw it in a blog one day, saw it was free and of course was like "OMGMUSTHAVE." I shop on a budget on SL since I don't put any RL money into the game so anything free always catches my attention. I ran to Censored and picked it right up! I thought for a moment about it, it's not my usual style. I usually like some pants on or a skirt. But it looked really cool, something about it elevates from seeming trashy or "just club wear" to a real fashion statement. The white body suit with black fishnets, simple yet stylish.

The outfit being a group freebie only had a few pieces to it, I had to jazz it up! I went with what I love on Second Life; neko. I slapped on a great tail from LoveCats to match the hair I was waring. The paw print tattoos are also from LoveCats and are free in case you're interested. The adorable neko milk necklace is from Ephemeral Neko, a great addition if you are a lover of neko and cats as I am. Bracelet was snagged at Phoebe's.

Like the boots? I found these lovelies at Malfean Visions, great white boots with skull accents. I think they go great with the white body suit and adore the style. It was when I saw the outfit from Censored that these boots came to mind, though the boots are a brighter white they still go well with the outfit.

Hair is from creatives, I bought it a while back but had no idea what to do with it. I just loved the color and style, purple is a great color and reminds me of pink. The skin is by Style by Kira, I love how the purple goes great with the hair and tail. Very punk!

Outfit - Censored - FREE (group gift)

Shoes - Malfean Visions

Tail & Tattoo - LoveCats - Tattoo is FREE. Tail is $200L

Necklace - Ephemeral Neko

Bracelet - Phoebe's

Hair - creatives!

Skin - Style by Kira

Monday, February 21, 2011

SD Wears New Release

Visit SD Wears ASAP!

Right on the hooves of the 4th Anniversary of SD Wears comes a look at some of their newer selections and the great fashions available by going by there. First my focus is on the outfit called Deathly Attraction. You may remember I went over this outfit before in a different color, this time we get to see the blue version.

I do love this dress. It's very gothic and if done right even gothic lolita. The dress is a sexy yet stylish black lace with optional modesty under it to cover the nips. The skirt is foofy and poofy and also has the lace flair to it as well a lovely black belt.

I obviously had a lot of fun wearing this outfit and had fun taking the pictures as well. The stockings actually come with the outfit, though SD Wears has some amazing stockings and tights as well so you an mix and match (show you a lil more later) but they are a lovely accent to any outfit. The boots are from +DV8+, a new release called Eternal Love. The hair is one of my favorites form ploom, love the bob look along with the band and skull accent. Lipstick is silver with a black heart, free from PIDDLE's kissing booth during V-day weekend. Girl needs black lipstick when she goes goth!

Now in an earlier post for SD Wears I showed off a pair of these Mind Bender stockings and now you get to enjoy two more. As much as I do enjoy my legs on SL I also love a nice pair of stockings with the right outfit. What's better than that is if the stockings can also be a statement piece! Such interesting designs and patterns, I would recommend the stockings at SD Wears to anyone.

My last gift to readers is this one, Luverly Lingerie. Now as you might have guessed I don't wear lingerie much on SL since I'm so busy working no time for pixel love. But when I do it's great to have something sexy, the sexier the better! This number is very simple, classic an elegant. It's also quite sheer though the top comes in multiple layers so if you wear all of them you can cover the nips; but why bother? This outfit is sure to make your lover's blood boil so need to be modest!

Outfits - SD Wears

Hair 1 - ploom

Lipstick - PIDDLE - FREE, kissing booth

Shoes - +DV8+

Necklace - (Elate!) - FREE, Seasons Hunt

SD Wears 4th Anniversary

Visit SD Wears ASAP!

Things like this make me giddy! SD Wears is having a monster of an event. Apparently this amazing shop is celebrating it's 4th anniversary, can you believe it? With so many stores, clubs and businesses on SL disappearing in the wind it is so nice to see a great place like SD Wears going strong and now on their fourth year. To celebrate such a mile stone the shop is having a 50% sale. WOW Feb 19th until the 27th so better hurry!

Note: If you can't make it to the store, shop online at the marketplace. When you have purchased your items, send Desdemona Young a notecard of the items you bought and you will be refunded 50% of your purchase up until Feb 27th, 2011.

Let's start things off! First, here is a look at the FREE item available at SD Wears to celebrate the anniversary. This sexy red number is a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. It is a great length, right at your bottom and has an open design to show off the great top you might be wearing under it...or no top like I did! There is also a great pattern on the jacket.

Oh but don't think SD Wears would just give you one tantalizing deal, along with the free jacket and 50% off sale there is also this great dress. This dress is specially made for this anniversary and is being sold at a great anniversary price ; only 25L. What are you waiting for?! This dress is sexy yet girlie in a lovely black shade with gray accents. The necklace is also included.

And to show off one final item, here is a peek at some of the great designs available at SD Wears that you can currently get at 50% off. I am wearing the MiMo blouse and high wasted pants. This is a chic look, business savvy and quite sensual I might add, the sheer top might have your nips showing so fair warning!

Outfits - SD Wears

Hair 1 - ploom

Hair 2 - lamb

Lipstick - PIDDLE

Thursday, February 17, 2011

55L Thursday - Body by Eve

Today we're having a look at this great hat from Body by Eve. Summer is coming guys and this great hat is available to you for only 55L this Thursday.

This large brimmed hat is perfect for keeping the digital sun out of your eyes. The lovely straw texture is great for the warmer and sunnier weather for when you want to relax in your shorts or swimsuit.

Why wait for the summer to pick up your seasonal gear, this amazingly cute hat is only 55L but you have to hurry because after Thursday the price goes back up! Run by Body by Eve as soon as you can if you want this great addition to your wardrobe.

I wore Exile hair with a t-shirt from MYTH I picked up during their closing sale. Shorts are from Phoenix Rising and the sneakers I nabbed during Glad Rags' closing sale.

Hat - Body by Eve

Shirt - MYTH - closed

Shorts - Phoenix Rising

Sneakers - Glad Rags - closed

Hair - Exile

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chic Limited - Peqe

Visit Chic Limited NOW.

Showing off this sexy mini dress from Peqe today. It's one of the many great looks available at Chic Limited. It comes in two colors, I'm wearing the Anti-Valentine Fierce which is a powerful shade of pink.

There are two ways to wear this outfit, with or without the skirt. Both styles are bold and draw attention the wearer. There is no way you won't go noticed in this look.

Don't forget to pick up these matching shoes as well. A pair for each of the two colors. Very sexy and bold, these wedges are sure to make your legs look amazing. The black bow accent is a wonderful added touch.

Outfit & Shoes - Peqe

Hair - Exile

Chic Limited - BOUNCE

Visit Chic Limited NOW.

Showing off some sexy wears from Chic Limited again. This time I'm decked out in BOUNCE attire. I'm wearing the Anais top along with the Gypsy long skirt. These two piece come in a variety of colors so you can mix and match and have a lot of fun creating a cute Bohemian feel. The scarf is by Zeery and the style I'm wearing, ironically enough, is called Staying Single. The color goes great with the outfit and the name of the scarf totally fits me. Staying single in SL!

⚑ {Zeery} SKinny Scarves
⚑ ☑Copy ☑Mod ☒Trans
⚑ Made For: CHIC Limited : Anti-Valentine

• Price Per Scarf $210
• CHIC Limited Event Fat Pack Discount: $740

Here is another look at the BOUNCE outfit, I added in the jacket, which is also on sale in a variety of colors. A very cute mini-jacket with ruffles and bows. Would look so amazing with a nice pair of jeans or with pretty much anything you can think. You can buy the piece sperately (jacket, skirt, top) so it's mix and match haven. The hair I'm wearing is also available at Chic Limited, it's by Raw House and the name of the style is Evelyn Razorbangs.

Hair - Raw House

Outfit - BOUNCE

Scarf - Zeery

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chic Limited - Miamai

Visit Chic Limited NOW.

Who needs love and hearts on Valentines Day? Not I! I'm on Second Life for fashion, not pixel e-love. And oh boy, this outfit is all about fashion! I want to thank Miamai for this amazing dress called Heartbreaker and it was a blast to wear. When I saw I was able to blog about it I almost died!

It is so amazingly chic and high class while still be unique. You get it all with this outfit, the dress, the head piece, the train, the stockings; it's an amazing outfit to say the least and something great for everyday of the year.

 The pose I used is from Di's Opera, it comes with the cigarettes to hold and everything. Very sexy chic, even though I am 100% against smoking but holding one for a photo can't hurt...right? It does make me look high fashion, stuck up and elitist...ha! I am in no way a diva though but even if for a few pictures it's nice to seem like one.

Remember that train I mentioned? Before I close this entry I had to show it to you. It's FULL of little demon-like teddy bears. Now you know me, I love off the wall stuff and these little bundles of joy really add a unique flavor to this high class dress. Who needs a man when you have a teddy bear army following you?

Dress - Miamai

Hair - Lyrique

Skin - Glam Affair

Pose - Di's Opera

Chic Limited - diavolicious

Visit Chic Limited NOW.

Welcome to my premier post for Chic Limited! This collection is a great way to get stylish designs for a great discount price. A very unique collection of styles brought to you, the fashion fans. Today, for Valentine's day, I'll be reviewing this great cupid inspired outfit by diavolicious.

Venus Chasseresse is an adorable outfit for V-day. The pale pink dress can be worn with or without the whole get up, a great chance to mix and match. The arrows give a great cupid feel to this look and the pose I'm using in this picture and the first one also came with the pack; great for posing!

I wore the totally V-day friendly hair from Lyrique with this cute cupid look as well as the Nina V-day skin from Glam Affair. Oh and that heart around my neck comes with the outfit and it's also animated; it beats! Who says I don't have a heart?

Outfit - diavolicious

Hair - Lyrique

Skin - Glam Affair

Shoes - Stiletto Moody - FREE

Valentines Day with Finesmith

Oh wow! Pardon my nudity folks but I wanted to show off this sexy V-day kit from Finesmith. A collection like no other, this look is truly meant to seduce, entice and shock! Since I have no one on SL to show it off to, I'll show you guys!

This set is made up of nipple shields, a tiara, errings, a cute heart for the chest and a piece to cover your naughty bits. All with a heart theme and in silver.

I added in this great V-day hair from Lyrique, available especially for this day so hurry and get it for a great sales price! Skin was a free gift for V-day from Glam Affair and it goes great with this look; the deep red lips are totally kissable.

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - Lyrique

Skin - Glam Affair

It's on Sale - Valentines Day

Another day another blog! This time I'm going to show you some pieces from the latest It's on Sale event. Remember Feb 14th until Feb 20th so hurry if you want these great looks!

First let's take a look at this sexy black and white dress by Shiki. Boy now this is a sexy piece of fabric! Short, cute and it comes with the cute fur for around the neck giving this a very classy feel indeed.
It is called the B&W dress from the latest Black & White colleciton. The entire collection is based on black and white or monotone colors only.

Original price is $420
Sale price is $210

Thank you and I hope you like the dress.

Shinichi Mathy

I decided to mix some Finesmith in with the look, using pieces from the Celestial Inspiration set as well silver heart hoop earrings for the feel of Valentines Day.

These sexy shoes go great with the short dress. They come in two styles, I'm wearing the Jannifer style. Make sure to stop by Republic to see them in person and pick them up for yourself!

Republic will offer Limited Edition Valentines Day Boots for the "It's on Sale" Event from Feb 13th-20th. These boots will only be for sale until the 20th then they are retired forever! This is a great chance for someone who wants to own something unique for valentines day for years to come. Included in the preview package are the Red Limited edition boots, they also come in gold, pick, and deep pink.

The boots are both regular price 349L, They will be on sale for 75L starting the evening of the 12th!

I'm also wearing a great hair style from HAIR STUDIO ONE that is apart of the It's on Sale event so if you're looking for a great discount on hair I would recommend stopping by their shop! It's a very sexy up do and goes well with the dress since the hair being up doesn't melt into the fur collar.

SOFIE is an updo hairstyle with fringe, bangs and small roses hairclips in the back perfect with your favorite gowns.. or for a romantic night out on Valentine's. It's available in 5 colours: blond, brown, black, red and silver.

Current price: 200L each
IT'S ON SALE price: 100L (14th - 20th February 2011)

SOFIE fatpack will also be marked down from 800L to 500L for whole week.

The skin is from Beauty Code, the sexy red lipstick is great for Valentines Day!

Store Name: .::BeautyCode::. - Realistic Female Skins & Shapes

Store Owner: CrusHer Mills & JaneDark Miles


Date of the week you want to participate: 14. February - 20. February 2011

The regular price for this skin is 775 L$, but from 14. to 20. February, you can buy it for 387 L$.

Name Item: .:: BeautyCode ::. Skin Eva Love

Properties: no mod, copy, no trans

And a lil peek at this gazebo from Xen Builds. I usually don't review furniture since I don't live anywhere and have no place to put anything...but what the heck! I found some land to slap it on and isn't it cute? This would look great by a beach or lake and comes with a fun hot tub as well.

Skin - Beauty Code


Outfit - Shiki

Shoes - Republic

Jewelry - Finesmith

Gazebo - Xen Builds

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Festive with SD Wears

Hello everyone! Today it's time for a look at SD Wears great fashions. I was given the privlage to review a few of their styles and it brought me great joy but I wondered how to best showcase the work. With it being so close to Valentines Day I decided to aim towards that with the main look. I'm wearing the Hold Me Tightly Sweater in pink along with Destroyed Blue Jeans, a very casual, simple yet clean look. You can see the detail and skill put into making each piece from the rips in the jeans to the prim hoodie.

To highlight the pink-ish red hues of the sweater and with following the theme of V-day, I went to *G Field* and did their hunt, picking up some great items. Among them these adorable shoes and the great heart shaped handbag. These and many great items are available until the 14th so hurry if you want in! Along with that I wore hair from Curious Kitties, free gift for members for V-day. The nom in my mouth came with a nail set at Candy Nails, free off their Lucky Letter board. Comes in pink, white and brown. Jewelry is of course from Finesmith.


I also got to showcase another outfit by SD Wears called Deathly Attraction, in gray. It's one of their newer releases and boy is it sexy. It has a great gothic feel to it that I love and goes so well with many different styles. I would have worn pigtails perhaps but I wanted to keep with the feel of V-day and wore this lovely red hair from Tameless.

And oh my god, before I go...take a look at these. Mind Bender Stockings; I LOVE the design on them! Maybe I don't shop for a lot of stockings but I have never seen any with such an interesting style to them. Must get all the styles!

Outfits - SD Wears

Shoes & Handbag - *G Field* - FREE (V-day hunt)

Jewelry - Finesmith

Om nom - Candy Nails - FREE (Lucky Letter board, comes with nails)

Hair (pic one) - Curious Kitties - FREE

Hair (pic two) - Tameless

Friday, February 11, 2011

NaLee by !Right

I had a chance to review this sexy outfit from !Right called NaLee. When I first saw it I got visions of a track suit only sexier but it's a lot more than that. Depending on what hair and accessories you mix and match with this look you can get a ton of different styles. It also comes in three colors. Let's look at the red first.

Because I enjoy neko so much and I don't get to show it off as much as I'd like in the blog, I turned the red into a sexy neko outfit with this black tail from LoveCats along with this stamp tramp that describes me perfectly "Sexy Kitten" with the paw prints going up my back. I'm always a fan of the way black goes with red.

Of course, I love shinies I felt this look would go great with gold so I added some Finesmith with the bracelets and the belly piercing as well as the heart hoop earrings with a necklace in black by LiNe. The tattoo on my stomach actually comes with NaLee, kick ass!

Since I was pairing red with black and gold I wore these ankle boots by Drakke, I love the gold accents on them. Also, my hair is by ploom and it's a great style because I change the color of the bows, the latex strips and the mesh strips.

For the pink version of NaLee I went a bit fairy. The wings come from Fancy Fairy, my favorite spot to get fae wings. The jewelry is by Ear Candy. Hair comes from ChiChickie, love pigtails and of course I enjoy being a blond.

With the black version of NaLee I was feeling my inner cyber punk. I threw on som +DV8+ and I was good to go! The boots, hair and accessories are all from +DV8+ an dit goes great with the black color.

And so there you have it my darlings! A great outfit from !Right that can be taken in so many different directions. Mix and match and have some fun. And remember to continue to read my blog for more great reviews, previews and to just spend time with me. :)

Outfit - !Right

- Pic One -

Hair - ploom

Necklace - LiNe

Jewelry - Finesmith

Tail - LoveCats

Shoes - Drakke

- Pic Two -

Hair - ChiChickie

Jewelry - Ear Candy

Wings - Fancy Fairy

Nails - Mons - FREE (group gift)

- Pic Three -

Everything (besides outfit) - +DV8+