Thursday, March 31, 2011

55L Thursday - Finesmith

Don't you love a sale? Don't you love jewelry? Then make sure not to miss the deals still available! Head to Finesmith to pick up some exclusive jewelry, simple yet elegant black and white bracelets that go with almost any look. I have matched with a lovely outfit from H.E.D., a very recent release for sale. The keychain at my hip is courtesy of Legit, a great gamer keychain to keep the look not too fancy, laid back and stylish.

The outfit comes in two options, both with a winged pattern on the back. The colors are silver and gold, a lovely black outfit with great accents. It's a lovely outfit and I just adore wings so the accents on this outfit made me squeal. They're small but still visible and utterly cute.

In this picture you can see the gold option of the outfit paired with a gold collar from Finesmith, available for only 55L for Thursday. Of course you can wear any piece of Finesmith jewelry and still look amazing.

This is the silver version of the same Finesmith collar, you can see in better detail the diamond charm on it, a nice statement piece. My hair is from Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and one of their new releases, look for Yaneth at their store. Skin is new released named Jiao from JeSyLiLo, love the open mouth effect to it!

Outfit - H.E.D.

Jewelry - Finesmith

Keychain - Legit

Skin - JeSyLiLO

Hair - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curious Kitties - Ladybugs and Honeybees

Once again I have the chance to feature Curious Kitties in my blog and once again I am over joyed. Being in the model world of SL I usually have to run around like an amazon, dress in fancy gowns, wear hair the defies gravity and such. But me? I like to be a neko, dress relaxed and fun. And even deeper than that, I LOVE the adorable fashion styles from Japanese designers on Second Life. Also so smooth, airy and fresh feeling. *C:K* is one of my favorite spots to pick up such great styles.

One of the best parts about Curious Kitties is their mix of that soft Japanese design style with a modern feel. The colors are bold and powerful and the styles range from street casual to downright fantasy. My offerings to you is a peek at some of their new releases. Two adorable hoodies, one patterned after a honeybee and the other one a ladybug.

These are not your mother's hoodies! These are adorable, fashionable and will catch attention if worn. I ran around in them for a while while taking pictures and doing my usual SL business. I got a lot of compliments and all well deserved. These are high qualities pieces of clothing with perfect prim parts.

As you can see the hoods go up or down by HUD control so you can change up your look. They also have cute wings on the back as well befitting the bugs they represent. Attention to detail all over with each spot and stripe, not to mention the bows on them. You have a full look here, just add pants and shoes. The pants I wore are from Curious Kitties as well and are a free group gift.

Not to mention you can also pick up matching eyes! Ladybug and honeybee eyes are also for sale from *C:K* so you can totally match. The honeybee eyes come in four different colors; green, yellow, orange and blue. Each option gives a haunted yet doll look to them, I truly love it honestly. The eyes complete the look so you must pick them up as well...I command it! Hahaha

Take a look at these ladybug eyes, they actually have matching spots on them! Can you believe that? Amazing attention to detail I didn't even notice at first. When I zoomed in for a shot I was like...whoah! It took me by surprise in a good way. There are also four options for the ladybug eyes; confused, dazed, glossy and crazed. I'm also wearing a Curious Kitties skin because, to me, they are the best to wear with their clothes to complete that porcelain doll look.

Hoodies - Curious Kitties - $270L

Pants - Curious Kitties - FREE group gift

Skin - Curious Kitties - Past freebie

Hair - Curious Kitties

Eyes - Curious Kitties - $100L each or $350L for the fat pack.

Face Paint - Atooly

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Battle Fairy in Rose

Oh look, more pink! Now anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that pink is my favorite color so when I saw this outfit I had to give it a review. This is Agrecion Rosada, a new outfit from Black Cat Bones. It's a lovely warrior look in a beautiful shade of pink. Battle ready femme fatale with an added twist, fairy wings! These lovely wings are a new release from Fancy Fairy, my favorite spot to pick up fantasy fae wings.

The outfit comes with top, scarf, pants, skirt piece, boots and the wrist guards as well as knives. The belt pattern is black wit pink skulls. Arm bands come with the package, every piece makes the look complete or you can mix and match with what you enjoy. The wings are the perfect shade to match the outfit and change the feel of the outfit. Who said fae had to be prissy and flower?

Skin is brand new from JeSyLiLO, I love the lipstick and pale tone to the skin. I wanted a hair that wouldn't be too girlie and still keep with the "battle ready" theme and also didn't clash with the scarf so I wore a short hair style from Boon that covered most of my face. Beautiful that I am, a warrior cannot worry about such things.

Outfit - Black Cat Bones - $25L THIS WEEK ONLY

Wings -Fancy Fairy

Hair - Boon

Skin - JeSyLiLO


Monday, March 28, 2011

N1CO - Snake Doll

First evening gowns and now this! I'm always changing guys and always seeing lovely things to wear. This full outfit is a N1CO creation. It's called Snake Doll and has, of course, a snake thing. But more so it's rather burlesque as well. I could totally see a model wearing this in a themed show. Sexy, unique and very feminine; it's a wonderful look with amazing details.

The black and red go together as a classic combo. Gloves are black lace and as you can see the snake theme is present in the garters. Yes, that is artwork on the corset which to me adds very much to the burlesque feel of it. I do love corsets, both in the real world and on SL so the one with this outfit is just to die for and rests very well under your bust.

And now, the part I adore; the boots! I just LOVE how the snake becomes the heel of this boot! It is just so unique, sexy and devilish. And the attention to detail is just to die for. The snake even has its tongue out, how cool is that?! A lovely black ankle boot taken to a whole new level with a bit of embellishment, can't ask for more.

The sexy collar and earrings also come with this outfit so really there isn't much you need to add but the basics. Skin is from Glam Affair, I wanted bright red lips and a pale tone to really help the outfit shine. And because the outfit was so unique and special I didn't want to wear just any hair. I got this great style at Vanity Hair, the black of course goes well with the outfit and makes the red in it and my lips stand out.

Outfit - N1CO

Hair - Vanity

Skin - Glam Affair

VERO MODERO - Chic Top Plaid

Taking it simple with a great casual look this time. VERO MODERO is not only skilled in providing evening gowns but also lovely outfits for anytime or day of the week. Going plaid today here and in red looking both sexy and yet very relaxed. Amazing attention to detail with this in the top and jeans, love the stitching on the pants.

These are great, comfortable capri length jeans so I jazzed up my feet with bright red shoes from Maitreya to match the top and such. They go great with this outfit and even though it's a casual look added style and flair to it. Of course, high heels can turn anything magical. This outfit makes me want to walk on the beach, do heels do well in the sand?

Those sexy shades come with the package guys so don't fret, they'll keep the SL sun out of your virtual eyes. My beautiful red hair comes from Simply Britnee, a newer release called Charo. It's a very fun style and goes well on my shoulders for this styling. Glam Affair is to thank for the skin, I do love bright red lips with a pale tone on the flesh, very classic.


Shoes - Maitreya

Hair - Simply Britnee

Skin - Glam Affair

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's Your Secret Grand Re-Opening

Hey... I've got a secret....

Theres a super secret sale going on right now at 'Whats your Secret?' the sultry new Lingerie boutique by Catlyn Sahara. From opening date ( March 27th, 2011 ) until noon of the next day EVERYTHING is half-off! The super secretive sale lasts the rest of the week at 25% off.

Everyone has a secret. Whats yours?

Every lady loves a sale and every lady needs sexy undies so this is the best of both worlds! I snuck over to WYS to take a few pictures and get a first hand view of the new place. Truly sexy! Lots of sensual looks to choose from in many colors and best of all it was ALL on sale. A girl could go broke at a place like this.

Sorry, no shots of me! Just sexy girls in their undies showing off great designs. If you need something for a special evening with a lover, a casting call or just because you want to feel amazing then What's Your Secret has something for you. From modest to busting at the seems orgasmic you will NOT be disappointed. But you don't have much time to grab this sale so I suggest you rush over.

Catlyn Sahara is the lovely designer of the lingerie, she was there watching over her store and I snagged a candid photo of her; hope she doesn't mind! And here I was hoping she'd be strutting around half naked in some of her designs, haha. But ever so beautiful in an outfit from My Precious and friendly as well. Make sure to drop in and say hi while you buy!

Beautiful in Blue

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent

- George Gordon Byron

Simply designed this gorgeous blue gown you see before you. Long, elegant and shimmering perfectly. It is also a tad provocative with the neckline exposing a hint of cleavage and of course, the curves a woman's shoulders. This gown is perfect for a fashion event, a date or even just because you want to look ravishing!

To match up with my gown I added gloves, I am quite the fan of opera length gloves and these are by Acide. They are perfect for an evening gown or even a casual look. They also come with beaded accents for the hands/wrists area. I love the high quality to them that makes them so versatile and wearable anytime of the day or night.

My lovely face is courtesy of IrEn, a brand new skin release named Lilly. Very angelic and serene, I also wore blue eyeshadow with it as well to match the dress. Hair is by Ali & Ali, blond one of my favorites to wear. Jewelry is by Simply as well, matches the dress perfectly as well as the blue eyes you see from perception eyes.

Outfit & Jewelry - Simply

Gloves - Acide!

Hair - Ali & Ali

Skin - IrEn

Eyes - perception eyes

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's On Sale - Rockshop

Showing off a sexy look from Rockshop today, yours as part of the It's on Sale event. I've been busy so sorry for the delay but fear not, you still have time to grab this look at a sale price! A very urban inspired look great for the club or just hanging out with friends. Sensual, sleek and great colors; a recommended buy if you want something hip and casual to wear.

Wearing sexy red heels from Nardcotix, HUD controlled and looking great with black jeans. This style comes in many colors, from shocking to pastel. If you're a fan of shoes then you need to go see their lovely styles and buy a pair or two. The lovely red color goes great with the outfit or any red item you might have; or just wear them to add a pop of color on any look.

Lovely necklace is one of the newest releases from DKD, a simple yet lovely black and red necklace. So many uses for such a style, it can go with many outfits perfectly and lays on the neck in such a great way. My nails are from Finesmith and the belly jewel is too, their new piercings for the summer time; great to show off in the warmer weather. Hair from Ali & Ali with streak option, I set mine to black to go with the outfit.

Outfit - Rockshop

Necklace - DKD

Shoes - Nardcotix

Skin - FACES Studio

Hair - Ali & Ali

Nails & Bellybutton Piercing - Finesmith


It's On Sale - Milady's

It's On Sale is coming to a close this week but there are still great items to grab! These bracelets, for one, by Milady's. It's a great set to add to your collection, shiny and sleek with a hint of gems to make it pop even more. If you're a fan of jewelry and a fan of sales then this is a double win for you.

Outfit is by Area 69, a sexy barely there look called Lara, comes with the shorts and tank top. A great look for hanging around the house or even strutting outside if you are so bold to advertise the goods because in this you will catch looks. The boots are from Drakke, nabbed them during 60L weekend; they always have something to offer for the sale. Nothing beats a simple black pair of boots!

Shocking red hair is a group gift from Arata Shouten, lovely up do in an amazing color. More colors available in the store. Necklace is from DKD, it's called Eclypse and a great new release. Love the little bow on it, adorable! Les Petits Details is responsible for my skin, brand new so go get it! My purple pupils are provided by perception eyes, great color to wear and you pick up many more at the store. Nails and nose/lip piercing are from Virtual Insanity.

Outfit - Area 69

Bracelets - Milady's

Necklace - DKD

Earrings - LOGO

Boots - Drakke

Hair - Arata Shouten - (FREE group gift)

Skin - Les Petits Details

Eyes - perception eyes

Piercing & Nails - Virtual Insanity

Sunflower Day

Summer is on it's way so let's get a bit light and happy! Today I'm showing you a look created by Noveen Benoir, it's called Beth and a lovely yellow dress with jeans option. I thought it was a nice way to signal the cold weather going away, at least in my part of the world.

This is the jean option you can wear, very casual and relaxed and the top still goes with it. Two looks in one, can't beat that. Wearing some lovely shoes by Nardcotix in orange, a very bright color for the warm weather. A good pair of shoes can go along way to make an outfit stand out more. I've enjoyed every pair of Nardcotix I've worn so far and I think you will too.

Showing off my orange nails from Finesmith, match the sexy shoes and feel very summer. Simple yet fresh pulled up hair style by Ali & Ali with great curls, girly yet stylish; love it! Please support these great designs by visiting the stores, pick up the look if you like it or find something else you might enjoy. All great shops worth checking out!

Outfit - Totally Random (didn't have a LM)

Shoes -Nardcotix

Hair -Ali & Ali

Nails - Finesmith


Friday, March 25, 2011

Thalia's Fashion - 48 Hour Sale


Thalia's Fashion Collection is having a storewide sale!
All items are priced at $75L single color and $345L Value Packs (except new releases). Sale starts Saturday, March 26 and ends Midnight on Sunday, March 27.

You will find women's clothes in numerous styles: formal, casual, funky, trendy, club wear, provocative and more! Something for all tastes, and some items for men as well.
A ton of high quality outfits!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

55L Thursday - Finesmith

It's Thursday ladies, time to shop! This time I'm showing you a lovely cage ring from Finesmith, one of Second Life's top of the line jewelry shops. Anyone who is anyone has some Finesmith in their inventory and now you can too! At only 55L this statement piece of jewelry is a steal. As you can see it's a lovely birdcage design with a precious gem in the center, a very unique design as well as elegant. Of course I add in more Finesmith jewelry to finish the look.

I'm also wearing Miranda, part of the Privileged line available at Finesmith. A gorgeous yet simple sundress style in a soft beige tone, the perfect outfit to highlight your jewelry and still look beautiful. The flowing prim skirt is a lovely added touch making this a very light and airy dress to wear.

Those nails you see? Finesmith as well, they do everything I swear. What better way to highlight the jewelry on your hand than to wear high quality nails as well. Skin is from Letituér and is available as a free group gift so make sure to pick it up and enjoy the store as well, some truly lovely items to nab. Hair is from Secrets Hair and is a group gift to kick off the start of their new in world group.

Dress - Privliged

Jewelry - Finesmith

Nails - Finesmith

Hair - Secrets Hair - (FREE group gift)

Skin - Letituér - (FREE group gift)

Eyes - perception eyes


Offering you another day of style, this time from VERO MODERO. If you enjoy their work then make sure to pick up this one, it's called Grey Days. It's a great, casual look that can go almost anywhere. Prim skirt, collar and cuffs are such a nice touch and make the outfit pop out even more. Honestly this is something I wish I had in the real world, would look great at the office. Three sock collar options as well.

The dress is a very light grey with a white blouse under it. I wore the grey sock options and put on these great shoes from Malfean Visions, many colors available the ones I have one are the slate option. Goes well with all the tones in the socks and dress. Black nails from Virtual Insanity to go with the look as well.

And you know me, love some color. I went ginger today wearing this style from Ali & Ali called Ellen, one of their newer releases. As you can see it has a highlight in it, you can of course change that strip to whatever suits your fancy at the moment.


Shoes - Malfean Visions

Hair - Ali & Ali

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Festival with Curious Kitties

Spring is right around the corner guys and one of my favorite stores, Curious Kitties, has released a TON of goodies for everyone to enjoy. Many freebies and some limited addition buys that you really need to grab up. My favorite color is pink and I just love the sakura blossom theme so I had to get in there and get some of these great items and show all of you.

If you enjoy fantasy, gothic lolita and all around amazing cute fashions then you have to get to Curious Kitties. They have full amazing avatars, great outfits and a load of gorgeous hair styles and a HUD to control the color changing in their styles. And now in a time of great change in Japan, the creator Ameshin Yossarian was generous enough to let me review this spring look even while she herself resides in an area affected by all the chaos. In a time where she and so many other Japanese citizens are in turmoil I felt quite honored to showcase her work so all of Second Life can see it.

Everything you see on me is from Curious Kitties save for the wings. They are free from Frozen Nights so if you're looking for more great cherry blossom themed things you can check there or any of the other amazing Japanese owned/inspired shops on SL. The shape is by Di's Opera, snagged at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.

And a nice close up of the face. Yes, even the great skin is by Curious Kitties and FREE, coming in many shades. Nail polish is by Virtual Insanity, great pink shade to go with the theme of the look. I felt amazing wearing this outfit and I felt blessed to be allowed to review it. It's a limited time buy guys so if you want to support the designer and look amazing at the same time please go to Curious Kitties and pick it up along with many of her other amazing works of art.

Outfit - Curious Kitties - ($500L)

Shoes - Curious Kittiess - ($250L)

Skin - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Hair - Curious Kittiess - ($100L)

Wings - Frozen Nights - (FREE)

Shape - Di's Opera - (Pacific Relief exclusive)

Nails - Virtual Insanity


Sakura Dreams for Japan

Wow! Time flies doesn't it? So my last post mentioning the relief efforts in Japan was actually a big hit, and I'm glad. I also had a chance to finally visit the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event, or PCF for short. Now, I will be honest it can be a bit laggy at times so be warned. But it is so worth the trip. You're donating to charity PLUS you get amazing items as well. Clothes, jewelry, shapes, skins, make-ups, furniture...lots of options. I, personally, went for items that truly felt Japanese to me...things that I could look at and in my heart know it was inspired by the land of rising sun. I also shopped on a budget.

Cherry blossoms are of course, Japanese. My favorite color is pink so it works perfectly well for me. I can wear them anytime, any place and also help the cause. I picked up these great shoes from the PCF, only $25L from duh! and they look great. Lovely white high heels with sakura blossoms on the top. The tights are free at Curious Kitties.

I picked up this lovely skirt at PCF as well, it's by Vanitas Vesture. It came in different colors, however I liked the pink one best. The lilac top is from Phoenix Rising. Oh, and do you like my shape? I've always wanted a cute Asian look and I picked this up at PCF. It's a shaped called Yoko made by Di's Opera. $250L, a lil costly to me but it was for a good cause and I liked the shape a lot. Which is saying something since I usually do not change shapes.

My beautiful skin is from Curious Kitties and it's FREE, it has a sakura design on the right eye area, comes in many tones. Hair is by Exile and available at PCF in four colors. The nom is by Crushed Violets, only $99L at the relief event and very lovely as well. Nails from Virtual Insanity and the bracelets by FuaFua, all in theme for this look and for spring time.

Skirt - Vanitas Vesture - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Blouse - Phoenix Rising

Stockings - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Shoes - duh! - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Bracelet - FuaFua

Earrings - CoLLisions - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Hair - Exile - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)

Skin - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Shape - Di's Opera - (Pacific Relief exclusive)

Nails - Virtual Insanity


Nom - Crushed Violets - (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser exclusive)