Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Entre Mares - Monique

So as I mention from time to time, I have a lot of options of things to blog. I've been very busy thanks to RL but I would never forget my favorite fashion blog! I wanted to blog this amazing dress from Entre Mares for a while actually. It's gorgeous, unique and stunning in black. Monique spoke to me when I saw it and I knew I wanted to feature it, someway and some how. Now, sometimes it takes time for magic to happen but when it does it's mind blowing. Here I was, just looking through my notices and then I see Finesmith had a new set release, Noir. Well shut the front door! It was utterly perfect for this look and it inspired me to showcase this look in my blog.

The striking black of the gown matches perfectly with the statement jewelry pieces. The set not only contains the usual necklace, earrings and such it also has the amazing umbrella you see me holding. A wand too is available. One might say Monique is a more traditional black dress but I wanted to push the boundaries. I am, however, wearing a lovely pair of shoes in a classic style; you can find them at Mary Jane Shoes. The cut of the dress is perfect for showing off a lovely pair of heels.

Here you can see a closer view of the Noir collection pieces I'm wearing. The lovely earrings and necklace have an almost spider feel to them with their tendrils swirling around the center, a feeling echoed by the flow of the dress. My skin is a favorite from Glam Affair, a unique look great to pull out when you want to really wow people. I did, however, go simple and stylish with hair from LoQ, pulled back very neat.

Dress - Entre Mares

Jewelry & Nails - Finesmith

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Skin - Glam Affair

Hair - LoQ


Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive dress and blog!

Great job, Sophi! :)

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