Monday, May 30, 2011

K-CODE ~ Rockn' Style

So today I am rocking out with K-Code! Here before you is a full outfit you can pick up and make yours. This is a lovely outfit with a great color scheme. I do hope I was able to wear it with enough skill and style as it was presented to me in the vendor picture; I tried though! I would have to say, one of my favorite parts are the stockings because they bring together whole look from top to bottom very well. Visually the eyes travel the length of your body smoothly.

Feeling chilly? How about a matching jacket! This is a great jacket full of high quality prim work from collar to sleeve. If you're not very good with editing prims to fit then be careful. Or, this could be a great chance to practice. The jacket also works with an alpha layer, as do the boots so you're going to need a viewer that will support wearing both or else the look won't work correctly.

I opted out of jewelry for this post to focus attention on the outfit form K-Code though let your styling imaginations soar guys! A cute necklace and bracelets would go well with this. Earrings to but with the hair I'm wearing you cannot see my ears; the hair is from [Me.] btw and I love their styles. Especially the HUD they come with because you can change color and highlights so one hair is actually many hairs; no need to buy color packs!

Outfit - K-Code

Hair - [Me.]

Skin - Glam Affair

Bit of Black and White

So I had this look laying around for a while. I wore it for a shift at +DV8+ and I enjoyed it so much I took some shots of it. I kept the shots around for a future blog post on a day I might be too busy to take new pictures; welcome to that day! For the summer time +DV8+ so they released a line of bikinis. Many bikinis in many colors! You'll have a lot of choices to pick through but they come in color packs so you'll get a lot of bang for your buck. I went white this day because I usually wear bright colors at the store, I wanted something mellow this time.

But just because this bikini is black and white in no way is it truly mellow. This is pure sexy! Of course I had to give you a back shot of this suit, you can see it covers the rump well enough. It's no string bikini. It's revealing but doesn't show too much so you should be safe across the grid. Added in a full body tattoo from Leti's Tattoos & Piercings.

As per usual, this whole look can be grabbed at +DV8+ save for the tattoos and nails from Virtual Insanity. The stockings and arm warmers were a past release and come in a fat pack of colors. Shoes, hair and collar are also available, I've worn the collar before for a past post. It's a rather nice one and a good accessory. You can't just wear a bikini ladies, remember to accessorize.

Everything - +DV8+

Lip Piercing - Phoebe's

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Eyes - sf designs

Tattoos - Leti's Tattoos & Piercings

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mohna Lisa Couture - Aphrodite

So if you saw my other post of the fashion show video you might have seen this gown. It is Aphrodite, a brand new release from Mohna Lisa Couture. It debuted at the spring fashion show. I didn't get a chance to wear it but other lovely ladies did. Now here is my chance to slip into this amazing gown! I'm wearing it in silver but it also comes in red, black, pink and beige so you have many options. The hardest part is choosing a color, I suggest picking them all up because this dress is amazing. I endorse this dress purely because I think it's a work of art and feel lucky every time I wear it while modeling at Mohna Lisa Couture.

A lovely mixture of sensuality and high class, Aphrodite shows off a good bit of skin while not looking trashy at all. The cuts on this dress are place perfectly to scoop in the right places and stop before seeing too much. From the waist down it's a long, flowing gown. The material is gentle and very airy when you move, it offers a highly natural feel to the dress. The patterns on this piece are also lovely and will leave you and others gazing at it for hours.

There is also a shawl with the dress, it's a shimmery see-through material and the same material is used on the cuffs of the opera length gloves. From top to bottom, this is a lovely gown. Since it's so long it may be hard to see but I am wearing shoes from Mary Jane Shoes; the best place to get shoes to accent the looks from Mohna Lisa Couture. And I had to go with high quality jewelry from Finesmith.

Dress - Mohna Lisa Couture

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair -

Mohna Lisa Couture Spring 2011 Fashion Show

Monday, May 23, 2011

Curious Kitties - Space Cutie

Time to marvel at more Curious Kitties! Today I'm showcase the outfit called Space Cutie, it's a full outfit when you buy it so you receive everything you see. From boots to top, it's a great package deal. This outfit is black and silver, sort of looking like the suit an astronaut would were; probably where the name came from. I will tell you, Curious Kitties is a HUGE store and when they aren't having special events it's fun to look around the place. So many pieces to mix and match a girl could go nuts!

It is nice that through all the mass of amazing looks, if you don't have time to style or buy separate pieces you can get an amazing outfit that is all ready for you! The skirt is very cute with this, I enjoy the mesh and how the sleeves also have the same material, a very ripped apart look while still being girly and fun to wear.

As usual, this whole look is from Curious Kitties. My very shape can be found there. I'm wearing the Peach Blossom avatar and it comes with the shape, the skin as well as hair and eyes. I love the shapes you can pick up at the store since they fit the clothes very well. The wide anime type eyes are also adorable and when I want to have fun and enjoy myself this is a great look to have on.

Everything - Curious Kitties

Blue Blood - Ivana

My love for cute, adorable clothing has me as a fan of Blue Blood. So I enjoy reviewing their products, especially since they give you unique styling choices. This dress is called Ivana and the color I'm wearing is teal. Like with other outfits form this store, Ivana has different ways you can wear it. As you can see, I choose a very sexy approach with this one, wearing the options without a shirt under it an open skirt.

What I like about Blue Blood outfit is the versatility they give you. This is a very cute look taken to a sexy level at a whim, you get all the options when you buy a color. You can go from playful to sensual very easily. Not to mention, no matter which way you were it always looks good. High quality work went into each piece of this outfit. The pattern is beautiful and the feel of the outfit is very real. The lace of the prim skirt looks divine and the detail goes all the way to the underwear and stockings as well. My hair is from Ploom, a great spot for alternative hair styles.

As I mentioned, this is a highly detailed outfit. Even the back has a wonderful pattern on it that goes well with the rest of the look so front or back you will look amazing to all who see you. As I always say, it's fun to experiment with fashion. Can't be couture everyday now can we? If you want to have a bit of fun stop by Blue Moon and shop around.

Outfit - Blue Blood

Hair - Ploom

Skin - Natural Beauty

Sunday, May 22, 2011

LC Deisgns - Satin Roses

First and foremost, this dress is pink. It's why I wanted to review it. I love pink! Satin Roses is a lovely cocktail dress that speaks for itself but I will try to help it out, hehe. The name says it all, the pattern on this bunches together to form roses all along the dress, a beautiful look and yet simple and sleek at the same time. The material is satiny, smooth and delicious. The shape of the dress is lovely and form fitting, the top forming a beautiful shape around your bust. LC Designs has created a beautiful piece, a great dress for any lady!

Here you can see the back of dress has an almost corset look to it. The details of this dress are top notch making each inch of it a pleasure to look at. Front or back you will catch the eyes of people. The back of the dress also exposes your upper back, great if you want to wear a designer tattoo or a necklace that goes down the back. I paired the dress with shoes from Maitreya, the color went great with the dress and they're probably the fanciest shoes I own so I think they went well with the top quality piece from LC Designs.

I kept my look as simple as possible to highlight the dress. It comes with the earrings and broach you see on me, I didn't add any other jewelry to this look. Of course you can have fun with it and add a necklace, bracelets; have mix and match fun. Only adornment you see on me are my nails from Finesmith, they come with the rings as well so it's great. My hair is from

Dress - LC Designs

Shoes - Maitreya

Hair -

Nails - Finesmith

Sunday Blues

Love a sale? So do I! Being a model on SL is a lot of work, add in managing this blog with other things I do. So maybe I have a bit of the Sunday blues. The real world is being a bitch and Second Life isn't much better. I enjoy being a model but it's hard. Nothing like being told how to look, eh? This blog lets me be me and I love that. Just a small rant, I guess. I only blog things I like. If I see a product and ask someone if I can blog it, you will see it. If I see an item in a blogger group I like, you will see it. Sometimes people send me things to blog, I don't always blog them but I try to; especially if I like it. The blog is called Sophi's Choice so nine times out of ten, if you see me post something it's because I like it for some reason. It's hard on SL being a model having to change yourself for others; hair, eyes, shape. And then wear clothes you may not always like. This blog is my mini expression of what I like on SL, what I think is lovely fashion and just me being me!

That being said, I'm wearing Samantha from SLC which is on sale this weekend for only $60L. It's blue, very casual and adorable. It comes with everything you see on me save for the hair. Shoes, pants, shirt, jewelry; you get it all for under a hundred linden! I'm still in the poor house, especially with most of my linden being put into modeling and schools so when I do shop it's always on a budget. I do like that this look comes all prepared if you need something quick to wear and the pieces look great. And of course, you can style it with your own pieces if you need a change!

Since I wanted to keep the look very simple and use the pieces that came with it I kept the additions to a limit. I'm wearing beautiful earrings from Finesmith that I nabbed for 55L, yay for sales. They are also pink, my favorite color. My hair is from, I bought it when they were having a spring cleaning sale so pretty much my entire look was on a budget.

Outfit - SLC

Hair -

Earrings - Finesmith

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Like a Virgin

To keep up this retro 80's vibe I seem to be one I'm going review this outfit, Like a Virgin. It's from Butterfly Effectz and I think it's so cool. I saw this a while back and wanted to blog it but never had the chance. I just couldn't think of the proper look and kept it on the back burner. But now that I'm in the right mood I think it's the perfect time! If you've been living under a rock for the last century, it's based on Madonna's iconic look from her Like a Virgin video in the 80's. I wore bracelets and nails from Virtual Insanity to add a bit of careless gaudy 80's flare to the look.

VERO MODERO has released some amazing new pumps and I think they work very well with this outfit. I love the detail on these on the back near the heel. Looks like angel wings, right? Perfect for a virgin bride. haha I'm a good girl, I swear! When you touch me I feel so shiny and new. These shoes come in a variety of colors so don't be afraid to shop around, the store is great so you'll find tons of outfits to match these beauties.

Wearing a new skin release from MAR Creative Studio here, I love the red lips with this outfit. A trashy 80's wedding dress with hooker red lips; classic! Also, you'll probably never see me in a wedding dress on the blog unless someone asks me to review it; I don't own any and I don't believe in virtual weddings. Heck,if I do get e-married maybe I should just be a rebel and wear this look! Necklace I grabbed on sale from ~Pepper~, I thought the hearts and keys were a great touch.

Outfit - Butterfly Effectz


Necklace - Pepper

Bracelets & Nails - Virtual Insanity

Hair - Truth

Skin - MAR Creativity Studio


Retro in Purple

Girls just wanna have fun! So it's the weekend and after a lot of work I decided to shop a bit and I had fun! I went by Sweeter Than Candy and picked up this great outfit called Cyndi, it's their sale item for Taste of SL; this week is all about the 80's! Now I was a young girl during that era but I do remember some of it, loved the music and the styles are rocking. Plus, I liked the color and the quality of the design.

Like the shoes? Yeah, me too. They are from Maitreya and I am quite proud of them. These shoes cost over a grand and I treasure them because I'm pretty sure they're one of the most expensive items I own. Not to mention they were a gift. I love the color, it matches the outfit perfectly. Not to mention the style and textures great, they have a lovely satin feel. If you have the extra linden and love shoes I suggest investing in a pair of shoes form Maitreya.

Take a look at my newest Belleza skin that I got for free for being apart of their update group. It is called Akiko and for the 250L joining fee it's a nice group gift to get and more future ones! The hair I picked is from Raw House and I grabbed it on sale, yay me! I really like the straight black hair with this skin, has a sort of punkish Asian feel to it.

Outfit - Sweeter Than Candy

Shoes - Maitreya

Necklace - Elemental Earth Designs

Earrings & Piercing - Phoebe's

Left Bracelet - Earthstone

Right Bracelet - PlasticAcid

Hair - Raw House

Skin - Belleza - (FREE Group Gift)

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Finesmith

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Call me Sarah

So as you know, my name is not Sarah on SL or in the real world. But I bought this amazing new skin named Sarah from Essences for only 70L at the My Shopping Bag event. I mean, an amazing looking skin for under a hundred linden, how could I not buy it?! I then had to visit the main store to see where it came from and met the lovely owner Inka Mexicola. She told me the store was having a reopening soon with brand new products! So if you like how Sarah looks on me and you pick it up yourself, make sure to stop by Essences for more quality skins.

I wanted to play around with the Sarah idea and searched my inventory for items named the same as well, pull them together for a blog post. Sadly, I didn't come up with much. Instead I wore this lovely outfit called Otilia which is currently on sale at !RIGHT as part of the LOW Letter event. It comes in purple, blue and red. Very adorable look!

I had two hair options in my inventory named Sarah so I went with this style from RezIpsa Loc. The flower is color change which is a nice touch. I thought this shade would look pretty against the skin's tone. My necklace and earrings are from Celtic Myst, a lovely pentagram set.

Outfit - !Right

Skin - Essences

Hair - RezIpsa Loc

Jewelry - Celtic Myst

Nails - Candy Nails

Zibska - Pierrette

So I love off the wall, cute and kooky stuff. So when I saw this great outfit from Zibska I just knew I wanted to show you guys. It's called Pierrette and it's an adorable outfit with a bit of a circus theme, bit harlequin eh? It's also a bit sexy too which is a lovely touch. The one shoulder look to the top really gives it a high fashion accent to it which I enjoy. This is certainly a high quality outfit and fun for anyone who enjoys being playful.

I'm getting a kick out of wearing the balloon pants. You can opt not to wear them or even wear the skirt option with this look...but c'mon! These pants are so cool! I don't think I own any other pants like these in my inventory. The bow belt is also utterly adorable. This outfit holds no punches, it is very bold and beautiful. The outfit also shows off a lot of my MONS skin I from The Dressing Room Blue.

My jewelry is also from Zibska, it's the Zaza Jewelry set. Now, you might think it's a bit fancy for this look but I think it mixes really well. Circus couture, ya know? A great part of this set is it comes with a color change HUD. I made it silver and the beads a red tone to match the outfit. Speaking of color change, the hat also changes color! Hair is from Vanity Hair, I love the wild yet stylish look to go with the design of the outfit.

Outfit & Jewelry - Zibska

Hair - Vanity Hair

Skin - MONS - (FREE)

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Eyes - Curious Kitties

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deviant in Red

So I am not your usual model nor your usual girl. I do love the fancy couture dresses, the off the wall bling and classic updos but I also like to be a bit wild and crazy. I came into SL being a neko and I enjoy doing it when I can. I put this look last night for my shift at +DV8+. It's always an adventure putting and outfit together to model but this time I wanted to wear this particular outfit because it's the hunt prize for the Dark Future Hunt. Since people are coming into find it might as well show them what they can win, eh?

My sexy boots aren't part of the hunt though. These boots are called Rivet Kitteh 2.0 and I'm wearing the blood to match the outfit. These sexy boots mix feline fun with cyber goth style, they're not your average neko boot. You can wear them looking all the color (in this black blood), the color and black and then black with hints of the color. So buying one pair of boots gives you three styling options. Have one cat ears and tail from +DV8+ to finish the look.

I'm wearing the Reitsch Collar as jewelry, a lovely piece of jewelry at +DV8+, you can change the color to match your look which makes it great since the store's outfits come in a wide variety of colors. Hair is also from +DV8+ and you can also recolor it to fit your needs. You recolor the strips in it and the headband. The skin is of course ( r e d ) Mint and I obviously wore it because it has great red make up designed in.

Outfit - +DV8+ - (FREE Dark Future Hunt prize)

Hair, Shoes, Collar, Ears, Tail - +DV8+

Nails - Beccikie

Skin - Red Mint

Feeling a lil Goth

So I went skipping through Curious Kitties recently thinking of what to show you guys. I saw a bunch lovely outfits so stay tuned to experience from C*K fun! Here I felt a bit...goth perhaps? I liked this outfit because it's simple yet not. This outfit is not limited to a cutesy look nor a gothic lolita look, it can be great for a club or hanging out. Or even if you want to roleplay a vampire! This outfit is called Black Kitty and you get the full look here.

Despite the name, this look doesn't have much feline in it. There are paw prints on the boots but they're small details that don't overwhelm the look so it's not overly costume-like. There is also some sexy mesh and fishnet action going on so it feels a bit more mature than your average Curious Kitties fair. I do love the lace up back to it as well so I had to show you guys the view from behind, hehe.

My whole look is Curious Kitties guys. I'm wearing the Luscia avatar and with it comes the shape, skin and hair. I think it looks totally perfect with this look, especially if you want to go in a dark direction like I did. All it's missing is vampire teeth, why didn't I think of that? Forgetfully Sophi! The eyes I changed because I wanted to show you the Playful Android Eyes, these are of course the silver color but you can also pick them up in; red, blue, green orange, pink, purple, and yellow.

Everything - Curious Kitties

Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Toxicat

Sneak peak guys! This super sexy outfit is a brand new release from Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and it can be yours tomorrow! This lovely look is called Toxicat and it comes in nine sexy colors. Orange, as you can on me plus Pink, Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow. The main color on the outfit is black and the colors act as an accent. This look also offer many different ways to wear it. As you see above I have the jacket option on with the prim skirt. The stockings I have on are the fishnet options one one leg, you can also see the crossbones on the stockings, there is also one on the back of the jacket. Another note on the jacket is the hood has an up or down option.

This option you can see a sexier way to wear the outfit and with a mini skirt. You can see there is orange on the tail, there are two options for tails, the one one comes in silver. The gas mask comes with the outfit and it looks very sexy. It's one of my favorite parts of the look and really brings home the toxic look. Love the long gloves you can wear!

A closer look at my face, this outfit comes with great tattoo options. Orange or black, and yes each color option does it too. My hair is free and it's from Truth. I love this style because it's short and cute and it works well with this outfit since it fits under the hood. So yes, if you love sexy and neko visit Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, this outfit is great with or without the tails and gives you many styling options.

Outfit - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Hair - Truth - (FREE)

Hot and Sparkling - Reaching

So my girl Nicki Vervain was talking with me and showing me some outfits and this one popped out. It's one of the newer releases from Hot & Sparkling and it's a very bold look called Reaching. This look will turn heads, get attention and you will love wearing it. This outfit is not for the faint of heart, it barely covers anything and oozes sexy with the bare flesh craftily hidden with the many strips of silver.

The name Reaching is a great way to describe this look. The pieces reach out to you, wanting to spread across the grid. Lovely detail to each part of this outfit and I really like the silver in it. Wearing it is like wearing a work of art, and even though it's very bold it also has a very natural feel to it, as if you are a caged creature in this exquisite piece.

I wanted to wear very bold jewelry with this that could stand out along with this great outfit. So of course, I went with Finesmith. What you see on me is the Vivienne Inspiration Set, of course inspired by the gorgeous Vivienne Coppola. As always, the inspiration sets are to die for and I love the way this silver look mixes with the outfit. Wearing some sexy Vanity Hair with this look as well.

Outfit - Hot & Sparkling

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - Vanity Hair

Skin - P.S. Style

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Friday, May 13, 2011

VERO MODERO - Tiger Dress

I have been such a busy Sophi lately, and more than usual! The real world has kept me busy this week, my mom retired from work after twenty seven years and we had a great party for her! On SL I've been busy with modeling school, preparing for a fashion show plus all my usual work. Oh boy! But fear not, I'm always here. Today I want to show you this amazing Tiger Dress designed by VERO MODERO. The print is bold, the colors are eye catching and the fit is amazing! You can see my Finesmith nails in the first shot, they were on sale on Thursday but I'd recommend buying them no matter the price; I love their nails!

As you can see this a sexy, short dress. The skirt has a prim part which is scripted to adjust itself, it asks you though. This means the pattern will always be perfectly in line with the rest of the dress. Great feature! I haven't really seen it before so it was new to me but once I saw what it did I fell in love. In this picture you can see my shoes, they are from Mary Jane Shoes. I picked the Sassy Leopard to go with the pattern on the dress.

I went with a lovely skin with bold pink lips since there is pink in the dress. You can find this Ciara skin at Chic Boutique and it was made by miSs rOUx, great store for skins! You can have a million outfits but without the right skin you're screwed! And of course the right hair, this one is from Vanity Hair, picked it up during the 60L weekend once. Great hair store for models! Those amazing earrings are free at [glow] studios.


Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Earrings - [glow] studios

Hair - Vanity Hair

Skin - miSs rOUx

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Finesmith

Beauty in Brown

Boy do I feel tired! But the show must go on. I prepared this post early in the day and here I am finishing it at night. But I just loved putting this outfit together, it took a lot of thought. I wanted to show case the Les Petits Details bag you see on me. It's called I Love Vintage and it's adorable! It's a new release and comes in six colors and you have a long version or one with a shorter strap. Of course my goal was to create a fully styled outfit to match the bag and thus, you have this chic look!

I grabbed an outfit from Phoenix Rising and ran with it, going brown to match the bag. Lots of different tones and shades in this look. It's always a bit harder to style an outfit based on an accessory and make it stand out but tons of fun and so much room for mixing and matching. The brown shoes you see are the I'm a Vintage Housewife style of shoe from Les Petits Details, another new release that comes in six colors to match the handbags.

Have you had enough Les Petits Details yet? I doubt it because I know I haven't! The angelic skin you see on me is a new release called Hana and I love it. It's very soft and subdued and I enjoy the pale tone against the brown. Hair is a brand new release from Me called Keelie, pick it up! One hair, one HUD and tons of options! Sunglasses are from Purple Moon, sexy giant leopard print, rawr!

Bag, Shoes & Skin - Les Petits Details

Outfit - Phoenix Rising

Sunglasses - Purple Moon

Hair - Me

Nails - Finesmith