Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Blood - Ivana

My love for cute, adorable clothing has me as a fan of Blue Blood. So I enjoy reviewing their products, especially since they give you unique styling choices. This dress is called Ivana and the color I'm wearing is teal. Like with other outfits form this store, Ivana has different ways you can wear it. As you can see, I choose a very sexy approach with this one, wearing the options without a shirt under it an open skirt.

What I like about Blue Blood outfit is the versatility they give you. This is a very cute look taken to a sexy level at a whim, you get all the options when you buy a color. You can go from playful to sensual very easily. Not to mention, no matter which way you were it always looks good. High quality work went into each piece of this outfit. The pattern is beautiful and the feel of the outfit is very real. The lace of the prim skirt looks divine and the detail goes all the way to the underwear and stockings as well. My hair is from Ploom, a great spot for alternative hair styles.

As I mentioned, this is a highly detailed outfit. Even the back has a wonderful pattern on it that goes well with the rest of the look so front or back you will look amazing to all who see you. As I always say, it's fun to experiment with fashion. Can't be couture everyday now can we? If you want to have a bit of fun stop by Blue Moon and shop around.

Outfit - Blue Blood

Hair - Ploom

Skin - Natural Beauty


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