Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Toxicat

Sneak peak guys! This super sexy outfit is a brand new release from Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and it can be yours tomorrow! This lovely look is called Toxicat and it comes in nine sexy colors. Orange, as you can on me plus Pink, Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow. The main color on the outfit is black and the colors act as an accent. This look also offer many different ways to wear it. As you see above I have the jacket option on with the prim skirt. The stockings I have on are the fishnet options one one leg, you can also see the crossbones on the stockings, there is also one on the back of the jacket. Another note on the jacket is the hood has an up or down option.

This option you can see a sexier way to wear the outfit and with a mini skirt. You can see there is orange on the tail, there are two options for tails, the one one comes in silver. The gas mask comes with the outfit and it looks very sexy. It's one of my favorite parts of the look and really brings home the toxic look. Love the long gloves you can wear!

A closer look at my face, this outfit comes with great tattoo options. Orange or black, and yes each color option does it too. My hair is free and it's from Truth. I love this style because it's short and cute and it works well with this outfit since it fits under the hood. So yes, if you love sexy and neko visit Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, this outfit is great with or without the tails and gives you many styling options.

Outfit - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Hair - Truth - (FREE)


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