Sunday, May 22, 2011

LC Deisgns - Satin Roses

First and foremost, this dress is pink. It's why I wanted to review it. I love pink! Satin Roses is a lovely cocktail dress that speaks for itself but I will try to help it out, hehe. The name says it all, the pattern on this bunches together to form roses all along the dress, a beautiful look and yet simple and sleek at the same time. The material is satiny, smooth and delicious. The shape of the dress is lovely and form fitting, the top forming a beautiful shape around your bust. LC Designs has created a beautiful piece, a great dress for any lady!

Here you can see the back of dress has an almost corset look to it. The details of this dress are top notch making each inch of it a pleasure to look at. Front or back you will catch the eyes of people. The back of the dress also exposes your upper back, great if you want to wear a designer tattoo or a necklace that goes down the back. I paired the dress with shoes from Maitreya, the color went great with the dress and they're probably the fanciest shoes I own so I think they went well with the top quality piece from LC Designs.

I kept my look as simple as possible to highlight the dress. It comes with the earrings and broach you see on me, I didn't add any other jewelry to this look. Of course you can have fun with it and add a necklace, bracelets; have mix and match fun. Only adornment you see on me are my nails from Finesmith, they come with the rings as well so it's great. My hair is from

Dress - LC Designs

Shoes - Maitreya

Hair -

Nails - Finesmith


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