Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bohemian Blues

Wow! What a long day! I had to wake up early for my modeling class, had to present my homework. Had things to do in the real world and then still work as usual on SL. Part of said workload, of course, is this blog. Lots of great items to show you guys so let's get started. This outfit is from EMO-tions, nice and new along with the hair. The hair added to the outfit really makes this feel pretty Bohemian, almost felt like a modern gypsy. Also sporting my fixed up shape they helped us with during class!

I went very basic and simple, I'm not even wearing shoes though it's hard to tell. The bracelets are from JD Designs, great and silver with blue accents. Also, in following with that nail post I did you can check out the ones I'm wearing from Candy Nails. I had some pretty great response from that post, so glad you guys liked it! Maybe I'll do more informative stuff as well as reviews.

This skin is only 75L from JeSyLiLo as part of Lazy Sundays so hurry and pick it up this weekend! I know my hair is pretty long but I wanted to throw on this lovely scarf from artMEfashion, it would probably work better with a shorter do, so keep that in mind, however I think it looks pretty natural. Eyes are from Banana Banshee, from their new collection.

Outfit & Hair - EMO-tions

Scarf - artMEfashion

Necklace - Legit

Bracelets - JD Designs

Piercings - Phoebe's

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Candy Nails


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