Saturday, May 7, 2011

Golden Week Continued

Golden Week might have drawn to a close in the real world but Curious Kitties is still having fun in the virtual world! Even though the designer was busy with her own life, family and friends during the holiday time she still managed to create a great final batch of items. First up, let's show you the beautiful Frilly Golden Lollie Dress and the matching Frilly Golden Lollie Shoes. This is a beautiful piece, I love that the main color is black but then the amazing gold accents just make the whole dress pop.

In case the dress wasn't adorable enough on its own, add in this Frilly Golden Fairy King Kitty Doll to make the cuteness factor sky rocket! This simple, yet very well detailed toy is a great addition and of course matched perfectly with the outfit or any other pieces from the Golden Week collection. Oh, but you have a king then you should be queen! For group members there is this also this Golden Ithe Queen Hat to wear, and it's totally FREE to grab.

What was that? You want more free things? If you're a group member then why not snag the Golden Fairy Magic Body Make-up. From the neck down it adds a lovely golden accent, perfect for any look! More free? So greedy! Don't worry, Curious Kitties has you covered in the amazing freebie department, this Dancing Golden Ballet Bear you see on my head is free to everyone. It is animated and will literally dance on your head.

Okay, need something a bit different? How about this Golden Mew Khalaji Kitty Avatar. Head to toe, all Curious Kities. The hair, shape, skin, outfit; everything. When I first saw this on display I think I squealed. C*K has some of the most beautiful fantasy avatars I have seen and have always admired them and drooled over them. And as you might know I love neko and cats so this is a great treat. Of course it comes with the clothing but you can easily wear this look with any thing from C*K or from your own personal closet.

Oh and yes, more hoover shoes! If you head to Curious Kitties and buy the Electropo Hovercraf - Playful Coins then you will be entered into a raffle to win the super amazing Giant Golden Pack + $1k linden! As the name suggestions, this is a giant pack of amazing gold items. Outfits, avatars, just tons of fun. You can also buy it in the store but there are only TEN for sale so hurry! Or enter to win the set. I will show you what it looks like tomorrow actually so stay tuned!

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