Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deviant in Red

So I am not your usual model nor your usual girl. I do love the fancy couture dresses, the off the wall bling and classic updos but I also like to be a bit wild and crazy. I came into SL being a neko and I enjoy doing it when I can. I put this look last night for my shift at +DV8+. It's always an adventure putting and outfit together to model but this time I wanted to wear this particular outfit because it's the hunt prize for the Dark Future Hunt. Since people are coming into find it might as well show them what they can win, eh?

My sexy boots aren't part of the hunt though. These boots are called Rivet Kitteh 2.0 and I'm wearing the blood to match the outfit. These sexy boots mix feline fun with cyber goth style, they're not your average neko boot. You can wear them looking all the color (in this black blood), the color and black and then black with hints of the color. So buying one pair of boots gives you three styling options. Have one cat ears and tail from +DV8+ to finish the look.

I'm wearing the Reitsch Collar as jewelry, a lovely piece of jewelry at +DV8+, you can change the color to match your look which makes it great since the store's outfits come in a wide variety of colors. Hair is also from +DV8+ and you can also recolor it to fit your needs. You recolor the strips in it and the headband. The skin is of course ( r e d ) Mint and I obviously wore it because it has great red make up designed in.

Outfit - +DV8+ - (FREE Dark Future Hunt prize)

Hair, Shoes, Collar, Ears, Tail - +DV8+

Nails - Beccikie

Skin - Red Mint


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