Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Golden Week at Curious Kitties

Curious Kitties is celebrating Golden Week on Second Life. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, Golden Week is a time period in a Japan were quite a few holidays happen back to back, thus making it a week of special days. Many take off during this time and some businesses even close for the week. Despite my knowledge about Japan this was one custom I didn't know about until hearing of it via Curious Kitties; we learn something new everyday!

You can pick up many amazing limited edition items at C*K this week. One me first you can see the Golden Tenshi Dress, tenshi meaning angel in Japanese. I'm also wearing the Golden Jewelry Set, it comes with the boots too. The dress is adorable, short and kinda sexy depending on how you wish to wear it.

Or you can put on this Enchanted Golden Sprite Outfit, a lovely gold nearly full body look you can slip into. I'm also wearing the special edition skin and eyes released for Golden Week. I wore a darker tone to contrast with the bright gold in the outfit, and since I'm usually wearing pale tones I thought this would be a great bit of variety.

Or...maybe you want to be a bear! This adorable bear avatar is FREE to all for Golden Week, it's utterly adorable and fun to wear. I love wandering around in cute avatars. I have a few of the other bears they released around Christmas time so I loved adding this cute golden cuddly! Remember, it's totally FREE so you can pick it up if nothing else...but you should get the rest too; all totally awesome.

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