Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot and Sparkling - Reaching

So my girl Nicki Vervain was talking with me and showing me some outfits and this one popped out. It's one of the newer releases from Hot & Sparkling and it's a very bold look called Reaching. This look will turn heads, get attention and you will love wearing it. This outfit is not for the faint of heart, it barely covers anything and oozes sexy with the bare flesh craftily hidden with the many strips of silver.

The name Reaching is a great way to describe this look. The pieces reach out to you, wanting to spread across the grid. Lovely detail to each part of this outfit and I really like the silver in it. Wearing it is like wearing a work of art, and even though it's very bold it also has a very natural feel to it, as if you are a caged creature in this exquisite piece.

I wanted to wear very bold jewelry with this that could stand out along with this great outfit. So of course, I went with Finesmith. What you see on me is the Vivienne Inspiration Set, of course inspired by the gorgeous Vivienne Coppola. As always, the inspiration sets are to die for and I love the way this silver look mixes with the outfit. Wearing some sexy Vanity Hair with this look as well.

Outfit - Hot & Sparkling

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - Vanity Hair

Skin - P.S. Style

Eyes - Banana Banshee


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