Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling a lil high fashion

So I've been holding onto this look for a while. I took the pictures and everything, I just never had a chance to post it. But here it is! A random day when I was feeling ciche. This is certainly not my normal look! However, it does pull off a high fashion feel; I hope!

The outfit itself is from Purple Moon. It's called Chloe *Pret a Porter* and I picked it up during $55L Thursdays, a great sale that everyone should hop on! Fabulous items on sale every week from great stores! It is one of the MAIN sales I save up for every week. Great designers enter and you get some great bargains.

The shoes I picked up on the market place. They're from  ::TGIS::, I picked them up when I needed a pair of open toed heels a while back and I didn't have any that were black. And most were pretty expensive too! These, however, were a very nice price and the HUD is very detailed. Gives options to change the sole of the shoe, underside, the metal on it and of course the toenail polish and flesh tone.

I nabbed a great shot of my back to show off the design of this top. The silver swirls are delicate yet sophisticated bringing a hint of whimsy to the look without sending it full on fantasy level. Purple Moon has its share of lovely fashions! I paired it with the collar from Finesmith, I've worn it before in posts. Best part is it has many color change options so I made the gem black to go with the look. The nails are from Candy Nails, nice pale blue.

The nails I felt went well with the skin, it's from [sYs] I really do love their skins when I want something futuristic. Despite the look being high fashion I feel adding the skin adds my own flare to it. Not being too fancy and my enjoyment of matching colors. The silvery blue of the skin and nails highlights the tone in the top and pants. To accent the silver, the shape and the whimsical nature of the swirls on the outfit and skin I put on a pair of elf ears. These come from LoveCats. They come in an up ear version and the type I have on, the "sad" type. Also different designs to pick. The Sunglasses came with the outfit, by the way, and the hair I got from*Amacci".

In closing, I'd like to mention the inspiration for this look. It was the shape. It was a freebie I received from Vikeejeah Xevion for being apart of her update group. It's called Platinum Queen, I received it back in 2010 but I didn't know what to do with it. I'm a casual gal and the shape is very high fashion. I also enjoy big boobs and such. Despite not being my usual look the shape spoke to me and reminded me of the type of model I want to be someday and when I put together this mix of high fashion plus my own personal touch I was so happy! It may not be a look I wear everyday or to a club but it is one I am proud of for certain.

Shape - VJX
Skin - [sYs]
Hair - *Amacci* - FREE
Ears - LoveCats - $300
Outfit - Purple Moon
Necklace - Finesmith
Nails - Candy Nails
Shoes - ::TGIS:: - $175

Friday, January 21, 2011

Seductress by **Butterfly EffectZ**

When I'm on SL I'm usually just working or shopping. That's all I pretty much do on SL. I usually have to wear certain clothes while I work so when I have me time, I get go crazy! During my shopping around I found a place called **Butterfly EffectZ** and looked around. Right away a few outfits caught my eye and this was one of them. The owner, LadyCatherine Fairey, was generous enough to let me blog about this dress, Seductress, and I finally had the chance!

Now you might say "Sophi, it's just another skimpy club dress. So what?" And my reply would be it's a good QUALITY club dress! It's also an affordable L$250. As you can see it's short and very low cut, great to go to a dance club with. I also love the color, the silver sequin is just to DIE for. I won't lie, I've seen other club dresses and I feel this sequin texture really makes this one pop. It's not a simple, matted black color. Seductress truly lives up to its name...especially when you see the back!

This is why I truly fell in love with this outfit. If you can't seduce someone with a dress like this then I dunno what can! A beautiful front only to be accented by the secret weapon, the back. It will make you feel like the naughtiest girl in town! Now I don't normally go for such outfits but Seductress was just far too sleek to pass up. The chain link across the back and bottom is to tie for. It also comes with a lil chain-link type thong! But really, who needs a thong? With a dress like this modesty is out the window! I could have gone with a tramp stamp but I went for a delicate upper back tattoo instead, by Leti's Tattoo and Piercing.

Of course a lovely dress needs lovely accessories! The bangles are from ***Arata Shouten***,  a very affordable shop. They seem to be retired though, but they have plenty of other sexy things! Beccikie made the nails, sexy and black. Available for men or women so if you're man likes to wear nail polish...there ya go!

I'd like to point out, when you visit **Butterfly EffectZ** (which you should) to pick up Seductress (won't be disappointed)  the picture for the item has the model in white boots. I loved the look, the white boots made me think '60's go-go dancer with this dress! I was thinking of doing the same, maybe wild and crazy big poofy hair  too. But I don't think I had the right boots. However, these from AZOURY really pump up the sex factor of this dress. I love their stuff and rarely get a chance to wear it; now I can! Amazing boots and amazingly affordable.

As I mentioned, I wasn't sure which way to go with the hair. I ended up wearing this sexy short look by Curio. Blond, my favorite, with the black tips adds a great edge to it that compliments the dress. Plus, it's short so it shows off the back much better. Earrings and Necklace set came from Zuri's , I wanted to stay with the silver theme.

And that is how I pulled this sexy look together, showcasing Seductress and how wonderful it made my avatar look! I want to once again thank LadyCatherine Fairey for the opportunity to wear this lovely item and hope my blog prompts you to visit **Butterfly EffectZ** to pick it up along with some of their other sexy designs.

Dress - **Butterfly EffectZ** - 250L
Boots - AZOURY -99L
Bangles - ***Arata Shouten***
Necklace/Earrings -Zuri - FREE Christmas gift
Hair - Curio - FREE GIFT
Tattoo - Leti's Tattoo and Piercing - 50L
Nails - Beccikie

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swedish Style by Charlotte Calael

Now you might say "Sophi, is that you?!" The answer is YES! Today I had the honor to try my hand at reviewing some Swedish Style! The skin and shape are done by Charlotte Calael and every pose I used in the pictures are done by her as well. Eyebrows were also her work. To start off with I'll tell you the basics. The shape has me at 1.87m or 6'2" tall. Curvy yet slender, the breasts are not huge so if you're into petite then this shape will look great on you. The skin mixed with the shape give a very creamy complexion, the dark red lipstick along with full lips are kissable and beautiful. Now, I wore modesty tape on the nipples, but they are quite cute. Pink, small and adorable, anyone who sees them will enjoy, if ya know what I mean. ;)

As you can see, even with clothing the skin looks lovely. I threw on some lingerie from Phoenix Rising to show off how sexy the shape is. As you can see, the breasts may be petite but the bottom is nice and round. No, it's not one of those tacky ghetto booties but it's another to get a good handful! I still can't get over how much I enjoy the lips! They are perhaps my favorite part! The shading on the skin is done rather well, makes the shape of the butt stand out and rounds it out very well.

As you can see, the poses Charlotte Calael made are very model chic. It was very hard to choose which ones to showcase, wanted to do them all! But each one I tried really made me feel like a fashionista. Here you can see the hips and the womanly features of this shape. Again, the breasts are not huge, they are not small, they are a lovely modest size. I am a fan of bigger busts but with the height on this shape I feel the breasts are very well proportionate. In other words, it would probably look bad if you stuck big ole implants on!

I do love the sexy yet hip look I pulled together for this! It was actually an accident. I was modeling at a store and wearing the TRUTH hair with their outfit then I went to visit a friend. I wanted to change so I threw on Exhale by Phoenix Design since it didn't mean pulling together a lot for someone who wasn't going to judge every prim I had on. The boots are from Apple May Designs, they were part of a Halloween hunt, lovely combat boots.

A nice close up shot on this lovely face. Here you can truly see the lips I've fallen in love with! Don't you just want to kiss them? Also, the eyebrows are very skillfully made and adds to a this beautiful expression. The shoulders are not too broad either which is nice on such a delicate shape. The necklace is by Donna Flora, lovely spider set. It's available in their sale/freebie area.

I do hope I could do justice to Charlotte Calael's work with this post! I would suggest anyone reading this to look into picking up her work. Available for easy shopping on the marketplace. Don't be shy, try something new! I will include all links to where you can pick up her work at the marketplace, very affordable prices as well! Shape and skin are no mod, no trans. (Pick up a DEMO and try for yourself before you buy!)

Shape -  Swedish Style - Charisma shape ($130)
Skin - Swedish Style - Charsima skin ($199)
Poses - Swedish Style - Model pose box Tease *Promo* ($85)
Lingerie set - Phoenix Rising (store closed)
Boots - Apple May Design
Bracelets - Phoebe
Piercing - Phoebe
Necklace - Donna Flora
Hair - TRUTH
Tongue - [ni.Ju] - FREE

2011 with +DV8+

So during all my modeling I get to through together many interesting looks. Part of modeling for +DV8+ means pulling together cyber-goth looks (or steam punk) using only their products. That's right, the whole outfit, addons and hair has to be their work while modeling. Only thing of mine is the skin and eyes, though you can't see the eyes with the mask on. Now one sure sign I know I want to model for a store is if I'm proud to wear their clothes outside the store. With +DV8+ clothes sometimes I find myself too lazy to even change they look so good and wear them for days on end once I come up with a sexy look! Check out this one!

Okay so...don't mind the bottom of the pic, I am no expert photography. lol BUT here you can see the full look. The main outfit I'm in are Gothjamas. They come in six colors and each color has a different pattern. I'm wearing the Kisses pattern. Includes the bra top and the pants. Pajamas, yet sexy and goth! The tail is the Rivet Kitteh tail in red.

Here goes a close up shot of the shoes. They're Mortifera Hooker Heels in red. They're sexy high heels with lovely silver accents that bring a sensual gothic flar to almost any outfit. My toenails are from Candy Nails, red05.

Covering up my lovely face is the Enforcer Mask. On my upper arms are Cyber Bangles and the lower arm I'm wearing the Cyber Injection Bracelets. I'd like to point out these, and many other accessories from +DV8+ have color change option, just like the Lightwave Collar around my neck. The red nails were part of a freebie from Ibizarre Fashion, came with 15 nail colors.

On my back I'm sporting Spinal Injectors Type B, it comes in two styles. The one I'm wearing is along the spine, you can also wear it where it looks likes a bundle of spinal injectors all over the back. On my ears are Emergency Injection Earrings, very cute needle shaped earrings that fit nicely with the theme. My hair is Fibre Hawk, it's sort of a mohawk that looks like it's made of fiber glass! It also has a color change option! The full body tattoo comes from Leti's Tattoo and Piercing, it's called Dead of Night. Last but not least, the skin is from [sYs], Diode in a pale tone. It has a lovely pattern on the face in silver, eye make up and lipstick...but you can't see that with my sexy mask on!

So yes, I hope you enjoyed the journey through +DV8+, a great spot for cyber punk and goth looks. If you're in the mood to try something new or just a fan of the style this store is the place for you! The Riot Room is full of freebies (some I'm wearing in my photos), lucky chairs, prizes for pics, group members and much, much more! So come on down. ;)

Skin - [sYs]
Toenails - Candy Nails ($50L)
Fingernails - Ibizarre Fashion (FREE)
Tattoos - Leti's Tattoo and Piercing
Fibre Hawk - +DV8+ ($200L)
Gothjamas - +DV8+
Cyber Injection Earrings - +DV8+(FREE)
Cyber Bangles - +DV8+ (FREE)
Cyber Injection Bracelets - +DV8+ (FREE)
Enforcer Mask - +DV8+ ($350L)
Rivet Kitteh Tail - +DV8+ ($200L)
Lightwave Collar - +DV8+ ($150L)
Spinal Injectors Type B - +DV8+ ($250L)
Mortifera Hooker Heels - +DV8+ ($200L)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 with LoveCats

So I kept saying to myself "Sophi, ya gotta tell people about this sexy outfit!" And I was like, of course I do! I wanted to do it New Years Day but I got busy. However, here it is finally...Bubbly! This outfit is from LoveCats and costs $500L. I have the honor of working for the store, which I must say has been a Second Life blessing. Now I wear the clothes all the time so you might be wonder why this outfit spoke to me. Well, it's because it is truly a great look for New Years and to ring in 2011!

Since LoveCats is a neko store this look comes with tail and ears (note, not all outfits do but you can buy tails and ears in the store as well as paw boots) and the tail and ears match the boots and outfit. It's obviously not for the modest at heart, the bubbles are the only thing covering my naughty bits! However it's a very sexy look, themed with champange bottles and glasses. Can you tell why this look is called Bubbly? Hehe

It always comes with deliciously long silver gloves that go far above the elbow so despite being so revealing it is still quite classy! The right hand holds a champagne glass that comes WITH the outfit. As well as the head piece that says "2011" along with a champagne bottle. The top also shimmers and sparkles like fireworks but not too gaudy at all. The bubble theme also goes all the way up to said head piece to truly finish off the look. As I mentioned, the outfit comes with tail and ears you can wear or you don't have to. Both are silver.

I'd like to point out that a lot of these pics were taken at a free photo studio, by me. It is very nice to find such things so I can take my own glamor shots without having to pay someone. Great for a blogger! When I was visiting Viviane Fashion I noticed they had one and took most of these photos there. It's not top notch uber quality but to show off some nice outfits it works very well. Speaking of the outfit, time to finish off my look!

As you can tell if you looked at my previous posts, I love free! This skin is from Filthy and was a great freebie for group members. The hair is another freebie from Exile called Artemis, the color is Angel Dust. The lipstick is a tattoo layer from Chaisuki, one of their many Christmas gifts. The color went very well with the hues in the bubbles on the outfit. The pearl necklace is from Lili's Couture Collection and was a freebie if my memory serves me correctly, it came with matching earrings too but I'm not wearing them.
All in all you have a super sexy 2011 look from LoveCats mixed with great freebies from around SL! You two can have a high quality look for less. And remember, if you love neko then you must visit LoveCats, a mix of fantasy, urban, naughty and tons of fun!

Bubbly Outfit - LoveCats
Skin - Filthy - FREE
Hair - Exile - FREE
Necklace - Lili's Couture Collection - FREE
Lipstick - Chaisuki - FREE
Eyes - [sYs] 
Free Photo Studio - Viviane Fashion

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 with Evovle

Welcome to the first in my 2011 fun posts! I found so many great freebies around Christmas/New Years time and I want to show them off! This outfit, however, isn't one them. However, I enjoyed the look so much I wanted to highlight it. The dress is from Evovle, a store I work at as a model. It's one of my favorite ones and it looks great for the holiday season. A beautifully made red dress with a bit of shine to it; perfect for a New Year's Eve party or really just about anytime of the day. The dress costs $450L.

Of course if you haven't noticed, I am fan of free. Majority of my look was free if not free-ish. The black bracelet is from LoveCats, an outfit called Entice. It costs $500L for the whole look; however I model there as well. The other jewelry is the kicker. Necklace, bracelet and earrings are all from Finesmith. Now they sell pretty expensive stuff but they do offer good deals. Group gifts, 55L Thursdays, etc. So the three pieces I have were part of those deals. The bracelet, I believe, was a free gift. The earrings and necklace were most like bought on 55L Thursday. So yes, even poor me can look like a diva in items from an expensive store with the right hunting!

The skin I mentioned before, from *P.S. Style* and it was free during Christmas time but they have great, afordable skins. The eyes are from [sYs] called "Eyes of Love." Not free, forgot how much they cost but I got four colors, very bright and beautiful. They really bring attention to your eyes. They weren't that expensive either. The hair was free from Heart Softens either as a gift or a Lucky Letter, I can't exactly remember...but free is what counts! The nails are red, a free gift from A&A Fashion. Now, to be totally honest I'm not a huge fan of them. They look lovely and are pretty prim nails HOWEVER, the glove colors didn't work for me very well. So from afar, they look great but when you get up close you can tell. But, for something that was free it's not a huge deal.

And that is that folks! A great look that is pretty inexpensive. The red dress can go with LOTS of things so for $450L it's a good buy. Great length, great cleavage to show off those lovely skins and perfect chest. Would look great with silver or gold jewelry. If you have the time head over to Evovle to pick up, along with all the other lovely choices. I would like to point out, even if you can't see them, I'm wearing gold heels from Maitreya and they were FREE. Came with pumps in MANY colors, a gift from the subscribe-o-matic I believe so nab that.

Dress - Evovle
Shoes - Maitreya - FREE

Skin - *P.S. Style* - FREE

Eyes - [sYs]
Hair - Heart Softens - FREE
Earings/Kitsch Bracelet/Collar - Finesmith
Black Beaded Bracelet - LoveCats
Nails - A&A Fashion - FREE