Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swedish Style by Charlotte Calael

Now you might say "Sophi, is that you?!" The answer is YES! Today I had the honor to try my hand at reviewing some Swedish Style! The skin and shape are done by Charlotte Calael and every pose I used in the pictures are done by her as well. Eyebrows were also her work. To start off with I'll tell you the basics. The shape has me at 1.87m or 6'2" tall. Curvy yet slender, the breasts are not huge so if you're into petite then this shape will look great on you. The skin mixed with the shape give a very creamy complexion, the dark red lipstick along with full lips are kissable and beautiful. Now, I wore modesty tape on the nipples, but they are quite cute. Pink, small and adorable, anyone who sees them will enjoy, if ya know what I mean. ;)

As you can see, even with clothing the skin looks lovely. I threw on some lingerie from Phoenix Rising to show off how sexy the shape is. As you can see, the breasts may be petite but the bottom is nice and round. No, it's not one of those tacky ghetto booties but it's another to get a good handful! I still can't get over how much I enjoy the lips! They are perhaps my favorite part! The shading on the skin is done rather well, makes the shape of the butt stand out and rounds it out very well.

As you can see, the poses Charlotte Calael made are very model chic. It was very hard to choose which ones to showcase, wanted to do them all! But each one I tried really made me feel like a fashionista. Here you can see the hips and the womanly features of this shape. Again, the breasts are not huge, they are not small, they are a lovely modest size. I am a fan of bigger busts but with the height on this shape I feel the breasts are very well proportionate. In other words, it would probably look bad if you stuck big ole implants on!

I do love the sexy yet hip look I pulled together for this! It was actually an accident. I was modeling at a store and wearing the TRUTH hair with their outfit then I went to visit a friend. I wanted to change so I threw on Exhale by Phoenix Design since it didn't mean pulling together a lot for someone who wasn't going to judge every prim I had on. The boots are from Apple May Designs, they were part of a Halloween hunt, lovely combat boots.

A nice close up shot on this lovely face. Here you can truly see the lips I've fallen in love with! Don't you just want to kiss them? Also, the eyebrows are very skillfully made and adds to a this beautiful expression. The shoulders are not too broad either which is nice on such a delicate shape. The necklace is by Donna Flora, lovely spider set. It's available in their sale/freebie area.

I do hope I could do justice to Charlotte Calael's work with this post! I would suggest anyone reading this to look into picking up her work. Available for easy shopping on the marketplace. Don't be shy, try something new! I will include all links to where you can pick up her work at the marketplace, very affordable prices as well! Shape and skin are no mod, no trans. (Pick up a DEMO and try for yourself before you buy!)

Shape -  Swedish Style - Charisma shape ($130)
Skin - Swedish Style - Charsima skin ($199)
Poses - Swedish Style - Model pose box Tease *Promo* ($85)
Lingerie set - Phoenix Rising (store closed)
Boots - Apple May Design
Bracelets - Phoebe
Piercing - Phoebe
Necklace - Donna Flora
Hair - TRUTH
Tongue - [ni.Ju] - FREE


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