Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 with LoveCats

So I kept saying to myself "Sophi, ya gotta tell people about this sexy outfit!" And I was like, of course I do! I wanted to do it New Years Day but I got busy. However, here it is finally...Bubbly! This outfit is from LoveCats and costs $500L. I have the honor of working for the store, which I must say has been a Second Life blessing. Now I wear the clothes all the time so you might be wonder why this outfit spoke to me. Well, it's because it is truly a great look for New Years and to ring in 2011!

Since LoveCats is a neko store this look comes with tail and ears (note, not all outfits do but you can buy tails and ears in the store as well as paw boots) and the tail and ears match the boots and outfit. It's obviously not for the modest at heart, the bubbles are the only thing covering my naughty bits! However it's a very sexy look, themed with champange bottles and glasses. Can you tell why this look is called Bubbly? Hehe

It always comes with deliciously long silver gloves that go far above the elbow so despite being so revealing it is still quite classy! The right hand holds a champagne glass that comes WITH the outfit. As well as the head piece that says "2011" along with a champagne bottle. The top also shimmers and sparkles like fireworks but not too gaudy at all. The bubble theme also goes all the way up to said head piece to truly finish off the look. As I mentioned, the outfit comes with tail and ears you can wear or you don't have to. Both are silver.

I'd like to point out that a lot of these pics were taken at a free photo studio, by me. It is very nice to find such things so I can take my own glamor shots without having to pay someone. Great for a blogger! When I was visiting Viviane Fashion I noticed they had one and took most of these photos there. It's not top notch uber quality but to show off some nice outfits it works very well. Speaking of the outfit, time to finish off my look!

As you can tell if you looked at my previous posts, I love free! This skin is from Filthy and was a great freebie for group members. The hair is another freebie from Exile called Artemis, the color is Angel Dust. The lipstick is a tattoo layer from Chaisuki, one of their many Christmas gifts. The color went very well with the hues in the bubbles on the outfit. The pearl necklace is from Lili's Couture Collection and was a freebie if my memory serves me correctly, it came with matching earrings too but I'm not wearing them.
All in all you have a super sexy 2011 look from LoveCats mixed with great freebies from around SL! You two can have a high quality look for less. And remember, if you love neko then you must visit LoveCats, a mix of fantasy, urban, naughty and tons of fun!

Bubbly Outfit - LoveCats
Skin - Filthy - FREE
Hair - Exile - FREE
Necklace - Lili's Couture Collection - FREE
Lipstick - Chaisuki - FREE
Eyes - [sYs] 
Free Photo Studio - Viviane Fashion


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