Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling a lil high fashion

So I've been holding onto this look for a while. I took the pictures and everything, I just never had a chance to post it. But here it is! A random day when I was feeling ciche. This is certainly not my normal look! However, it does pull off a high fashion feel; I hope!

The outfit itself is from Purple Moon. It's called Chloe *Pret a Porter* and I picked it up during $55L Thursdays, a great sale that everyone should hop on! Fabulous items on sale every week from great stores! It is one of the MAIN sales I save up for every week. Great designers enter and you get some great bargains.

The shoes I picked up on the market place. They're from  ::TGIS::, I picked them up when I needed a pair of open toed heels a while back and I didn't have any that were black. And most were pretty expensive too! These, however, were a very nice price and the HUD is very detailed. Gives options to change the sole of the shoe, underside, the metal on it and of course the toenail polish and flesh tone.

I nabbed a great shot of my back to show off the design of this top. The silver swirls are delicate yet sophisticated bringing a hint of whimsy to the look without sending it full on fantasy level. Purple Moon has its share of lovely fashions! I paired it with the collar from Finesmith, I've worn it before in posts. Best part is it has many color change options so I made the gem black to go with the look. The nails are from Candy Nails, nice pale blue.

The nails I felt went well with the skin, it's from [sYs] I really do love their skins when I want something futuristic. Despite the look being high fashion I feel adding the skin adds my own flare to it. Not being too fancy and my enjoyment of matching colors. The silvery blue of the skin and nails highlights the tone in the top and pants. To accent the silver, the shape and the whimsical nature of the swirls on the outfit and skin I put on a pair of elf ears. These come from LoveCats. They come in an up ear version and the type I have on, the "sad" type. Also different designs to pick. The Sunglasses came with the outfit, by the way, and the hair I got from*Amacci".

In closing, I'd like to mention the inspiration for this look. It was the shape. It was a freebie I received from Vikeejeah Xevion for being apart of her update group. It's called Platinum Queen, I received it back in 2010 but I didn't know what to do with it. I'm a casual gal and the shape is very high fashion. I also enjoy big boobs and such. Despite not being my usual look the shape spoke to me and reminded me of the type of model I want to be someday and when I put together this mix of high fashion plus my own personal touch I was so happy! It may not be a look I wear everyday or to a club but it is one I am proud of for certain.

Shape - VJX
Skin - [sYs]
Hair - *Amacci* - FREE
Ears - LoveCats - $300
Outfit - Purple Moon
Necklace - Finesmith
Nails - Candy Nails
Shoes - ::TGIS:: - $175


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