Saturday, April 30, 2011

Curious Kitties - Gothic Bunnies

So I was planning on an epic batch of Curious Kitties posts for Easter but I was busy and didn't feel well. However, the items are still on sale so I must show them! This post is for the gothic themed bunny set, great for Easter or really any time of the year. If you enjoy purple, gothic lolita, bunnies...or just Curious Kitties in general then this the look for you. I love all of the above so I utterly enjoyed this set up.

A small hint, those stockings are currently FREE as a group gift so if you like them hurry to get them before they disappear. Curious Kitties is always updating with great designs and tons of freebies. I would suggest you join the update group for the latest news because there are a ton of freebies, deals and sales that you can be privy to if you do.

Up close shot of the outfit, and my face. Wearing a Curious Kitties skin as well, along with the eyes. Hair is from the store, a new look called Fifi. I've worn it before but here it is again, I love the short style with this outfit. The headress is the perfect compliment to the dress, it has adorable bunny ears and the color of course goes with the dress.

Now here is a little bonus. If you're looking for shoes you can add on these cute hoover bunny boots to the look. They will make you hoover you across the grid and they're so adorable and of course, follow the bunny theme. The doll I have is made to match the outfit but can go with almost anything due to the color palette. It's only $1L but as I said, sales come and go at Curious Kitties so be fast or you might miss it.

Everything - Curious Kitties

Nails - Virtual Insanity

VERO MODERO - Blossom Damask

Welcome to more Sophi catch up! I haven't reviewed any VERO MODERO in a while and that is a sin. Now that the Easter rush has calmed down and I feel better expect more posts. This look is called Blossom Damask and it's a lovely release from VERO MODERO that is perfect for spring. A simple, short top that adds a bit of sexuality while not being too revealing paired with a great paisley skirt. A sweet bohemian style that can be taken to many different levels.

I went very casual spring with this look. Simple wedges from Jazym D that I love, they are my go to wedges! Very calm and almost angelic, eh? If you take a closer peek you can see the nifty tattoo I have on my hip, it's from v3 Tattoo and it's a butterfly. I know the skirt sort of covers it but it's a nice detail and a surprise when people perv you.

Behold this brand new skin from LpD called Elisa. I love the smooth feel of this and it just makes me look so calm. There is also a matching shape but I wanted to keep my model height, though it's really cute! Enjoy the jewelry? I love picking up jewelry from [glow] studios when I find it on sale at The Dressing Room or The Dressing Room Blue. I'm also a huge fan of Ear Candy stuff!


Earrings & Necklace - glow studios

Bracelets - Ear Candy

Shoes - Jazmyn D

Hair - Exile

Skin - Les Petits Details

Tattoo - v3 Tattoo

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purple Passion in Paris

So maybe I didn't go all the way to Paris but this is close enough, eh? More 55L fun, this time with DK Designs. This lovely dress you see on me can be yours for only 55L today. It's available in red and purple; I went purple because it's the vision that came to me! Sounds odd, I know, but my style comes to me that way...visions! Haha, ok, it's not as crazy as it sounds. But really, this whole look came together very fast in my mind. The dress called the other pieces to it to make the look complete.

DK Designs also has great shoes available in many colors, I wore the purple color to go with the dress, obviously. They are very cute sneaker style ankle boots and I really love ankle boots on my avatar. They make my legs look longer and very sexy. They really go well with this short dress. You could even add stockings if you liked.

I mixed in this great scarf by Zeery, it's part of a set created for one of Japanese relief effort. The eyes by Banana Banshee are for the same event; FUR Japan. Remember, people still need our help so don't stop donating now! Hair I grabbed from The Dressing Room Blue and it's by LoQ, it's at a discount price and comes in four colors; it's a great deal guys!

Outfit & Shoes - DK Designs

Scarf - Zeery

Jewelry - Ear Candy

Skin - FACES Studios

Hair - LoQ

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Eyelashes - glow studios

Spectrum of Color

It's that time again, 55L Thursday and I decided to go rainbow today! I'm showcasing the Spectrum set from Finesmith and thought it would look great with Rainbow Kitteh from LoveCats. It might look like an overload of color but then again, what's wrong with that?! I felt colorful so I went colorful, even adding in rainbow wings from Deviance.

Each piece of the Spectrum set is 55L today. Earrings, bracelet and a ring are available. Pick up one or all of the pieces and have fun mixing and matching. These pieces aren't small, people see them and notice them; they look amazing. And the price is a great bargain as well. I really love how they flow so well with the LoveCats outfit, mixing lovely neko fun with high end jewelry.

And of course an up close view! You can see the necklace part of the set, as well as this lipstick I'm in love with. It's from LAPIN and I picked it up at The Dressing Room, a great place for discount items made by high quality designers. I actually got the eyelashes there too a few weeks back, but be weary the collections rotate so keep on the look out so you don't miss anything. Wearing one of the great Easter hairs from Curious Kitties.

Outfit - LoveCats

Jewelry - Finesmith

Wings - Deviance - (FREE)

Hair - Curious Kitties

Lipstick - LAPIN

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Eyelashes - glow studios

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Isabella in the Moonlight

A step away from the Easter theme we have a lovely gown from My Precious, a great store if you want to feel like a princess. This dressed is called Isabella, hence the title of the post. It's a lovely dress, slender around the hips with amazing lace details around the bust and the tail of the dress. I actually can't find many words to describe it well, it's just that...awesome! It also comes in other colors but I wanted to show off the white since it has a very angelic feel to it.

Here you can better see the bottom of the dress, how it spreads out in a mermaid tail fashion. More lace detailing at the bottom of it as well, matching the top half of the dress perfectly. I also showed off my nails from Finesmith if you look closer, I wear them quite often and this time they went well with the red AVA-Tare hair and showed up perfectly against the white dress.

More Finesmith for you, these great earrings. I really enjoy these earrings because of the way they sway and shine. I don't think I own jewelry that moves the way these earrings do, the Costa Rica earrings are an amazing addition to your jewelry box and come in different color options for whatever outfit you may have in mind. I wore the new Anna skin from Iren as well as eye lashes from glow studios for a nice dramatic look.

Dress - My Precious

Earrings & Nails - Finesmith

Necklace - Imagen

Hair - AVA-Tare

Skin - Iren

Eyes - perception eyes

Eyelashes - glow studios

Butterfly Effectz - Easter

First I would like to say sorry for not posting recently. It was a busy holiday weekend plus I haven't been feeling all that well. I still am not at my best but I really can't slack off in my duties. I had a whole line up of Easter posts and I didn't get to finish them all but I will try to get them done, even if it's after the day. I'm doing Butterfly Effectz first because their Easter hunt items are still out and up for grabs.

This whole outfit can be nabbed by stopping by Butterfly Effectz and finding Easter eggs around the store. Shoes, dress, necklace; it's a great look. It's great throughout the spring season as well so don't feel limited to just wearing it for Easter. Of course it's my favorite color pink so I loved it even more.

I put on my Easter hair from Magika as well a cool hair accessory from Graffitiwear. The color I have on is free and the other colors are only $10L; great bargain! I finished the look with a skin from JeSyLiLo, I've worn it before as well. It's called Jiao and I really like how innocent and sweet it makes me look; perfect for the spring.

Outfit - Butterfly Effectz

Hair - Magika - (FREE Subscriber gift)

Hair Accessory - Graffitiwear - (FREE)

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Eyes - perception eyes

Sunday, April 24, 2011

LoveCats - Sekushii Bunneh

I know what you must be saying "More LoveCats?!" And I say, yes! This is Sophi being bias and this is Sophi showing some love. I wanted to show you guys all LoveCats has to offer for Easter time and had easy access to the outfits...and I wear them a lot anyway! When Harlequin Bunneh came out I was excited; what a great look for Easter. And then my mind was blown when Sekushii Bunneh came out. Really, TWO Easter outfits? Nice.

If you're looking for a sexy Easter look and tired of the playgirl bunny look then this is for you. A great style that is still a bit cute but with a daring red color with black accents really make this outfit adult and delicious. And as I love, you get flopped ears and not pointed up ones so it's a great variety to the usual Easter look.

Rocking Red Mint skin, didn't expect that sort of look, eh? A daring, bold skin with make-up that draws attention to your beautiful face; also with matching nails. I love how perfectly it works with this outfit. To lightening things up I wore a blond up-do from AVA-Tare, makes me seem more mature eh?

Outfit - LoveCats

Necklace - LiNe

Hair - AVA-Tare

Skins & Nails - Red Mint

Eyes - perception eyes

SLC - Easter

Got more Easter bunny for you guys as we build up towards the big day! Another sexy bunny girl look, this time from SLC. The classic playboy bunny style with sexy fishnets, adorable ears and tails included. It comes in white, pink and black so you can pick which color you like best or pick them all up. Who said all bunnies had to be pastel and girlie.

Added full on sexy boots with this look. Mary Jane Shoes has many great styles in heels but it's always nice to find items like these. I usually find it difficult to find the perfect boot. Either they don't edit right or just look bulky. With the HUD control you can size these to fit perfectly and change the metal as well.

Went blond with Ali & Ali hair, I like the way it goes with the tone of the skin. This one is by Munspain, I wear it often when I work and I'm pretty sure I've shown you guys before...but it doesn't hurt to show you again. It's what I love about skins; you always need one!

Outfit - SLC

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Hair - Ali & Ali

Skin - Munspain

Eyes - perception eyes

Friday, April 22, 2011

LoveCats - Bunny Foo Foo

Another Easter outfit from LoveCats? Yup! This is an older release but one I do enjoy a lot. It's called Bunny Foo Foo. I had work today and wasn't sure what to wear. A newer release? The sale item? Oh the choices! Then, by the grace of the gods I got a notice for a free hair from Magika. It all came together then and thus I bring you this post. A mixture of chance, style and my love for pastel, neko, bunny and blond hair.

Bunny Foo Foo is a adorable pastel outfit for Easter, a cute skirt with the rocking moon boots. Of course, you have the bunny ears and tails. I like the flopped ears in this outfit since most outfits have the ears pointing straight up; it's nice to see something different. This outfit is very cute and adorable, yet even a bit sexy with the fishnet stockings and the fact you can see some booty with this skirt on. It's a great mix of sensuality and femininity. The tattoos you see on me are from Curious Kitties, pink sakura petals.

The inspiration for this look is the hair from Magika. Totally free to subscribers so if you love it, go get it! Magkia is a great hair store to stay up to date with. The skin also helped spurred this look, it's from Fhang Candy and is an amazing skin for Easter time. The lips have great multi-colored stripes, sort of like dyed Easter eggs. Eyes are free from Curious Kitties, so don't miss them! Won't be there forever.

Outfit - LoveCats

Hair - Magika - (FREE Subscriber gift)

Skin - Fhang Candy - ($50L Marketplace special)

Necklace, Eyes, Tattoo - Curious Kitties

Scorching Fire

If you read my blog yesterday you might have noticed me raving about Red Mint and how I was wearing one of their skins as I wrote the post. Well, here it is guys! I was hanging out at Evolve wearing this gown named Fire along with the skin. Fire is on sale at the moment for $125L so if you enjoy it please pick it up. I love matching colors and still contrasting and the skin is perfect for this gown.

But guess what happened today! Nicki from Hot & Sparkling asked me to blog about this hair style. Well, begged actually; but it was cute! And how could I say no to her? It was just my luck it went great with the dress and the name of the hair style is Scorched, see a theme going on guys? Understand the title now? Haha. It's wild, crazy and very fashionable, it's a perfect accent to the red hot dress.

Enjoy a closer look at the skin, the lips are great. The texture is matted, very realistic to lipstick in the real world and something I don't see often on Second Life. Red Mint is truly top quality with such attention to detail and skilled work. I wore a necklace and earrings from Finesmith, the set is called Essence; nails are Finesmith as well! Had to have red nails with this gown, ya know.

Dress - Evolve

Jewelry - Finesmith

Bracelets - Fairytale

Hair - Hot & Sparkling

Skin - Red Mint

Eyes - sf design

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beautiful Dirty Rich - Easter

As we continue our trip down the bunny path we visit Beautiful Dirty Rich. This sexy bunny girl outfit is a free gift to group members for Easter. Look sexy and stylish and pink! Well, it's mauve but that's a shade of pink so we'll go with that. I'm quite happy with any shade of pink, dark or light! I do like this because it's a sexy dress and not the classic bathing suit looking one.

You also get the stockings, sexy fish nets for your pleasure. A very nice feature is the shoes come with it. HUD controlled and at no extra cost! They work great and tint your skin while keeping the fish net pattern over the foot. Very sexy heels and I like seeing HUD controlled shows that work with stockings.

Beautiful Dirty Rich also has a large selections of hair you can pick up. The one you see on me I grabbed from there for free, I believe off the MM board. They have tons of free hairs in many colors and great deals and sales. I like the way this one goes with the ears which are very well sculpted. I'd also like to point out the cuffs, great detail there! You can pick this up in other colors, guys, but it will cost.

Outfit & Hair - Beautiful Dirty Rich

Make-up - JeSyLiLO

Eyes - sf design

Nails - Finesmith

Spring Spree Begins

Don't you just love hunts? Today I present to you Spring Spree, a great spring time hunt for you guys. Many different stores have join in with great prizes for you to find. Today I will show you the great items from Unique Clothing that you can find during the hunt. Great outfits for you to wear, mix and match and of course have fun.

I paired the outfits with jewelry from Eye Candy, a great store I like to visit since they always have sales going on. I'm a sale gal, as you should know, so anything on sale will catch my eye. And if it's well made it will take my money!

Do you enjoy the hair? It's by Red Mint. This is a brand new style that, as you can, comes in many colors with hair accessory option that can either be gold or silver; or you can turn it off. I really do love their hair and skins so expect to see more of their products! Hint, as I type this I'm wearing one of their skins...might be useful for a post tomorrow. hehe

Outfits - Unique Clothing

Jewelry - Ear Candy

Make-up - Fright Cosmetics

Hair - Red Mint

Nails (pic 1) - Finesmith

Nails (pic 2) - Candy Nails

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Right and Ready for Easter

Following my Easter trend I have another post for you guys! This time it's a bit different than the traditional bunny look. This time it's spring casual, perfect for hanging out with friends, family or doing a fun Easter egg hunt. My outfit of choice is Kasandra which is on sale this week for 69L at !RIGHT. It comes in three colors; pink, blue and black. I went with pink since it's my favorite color and very spring time.

To Easter up this look I paired it with Summer Rose which is an Easter special you can pick up at artMEfashion. This is PERFECT for Easter and the rest of spring. The hat you see comes in four different colors; pink, blue, purple, and red. The red is a very pale one, by the way. The necklace also comes in the same four colors so you can mix and match. I have the pink set one to go with the outfit. The shoes are also available too and they texture change to match the rest of the pieces in the set.

You guys need a closer look at this new skin from Munspain called Allison. I'm wearing the one with freckles since I enjoy the natural look to it. Nails are from Virtual Insanity, new pastels for the season. Easy to wear and they look fantastic! I made sure to wear a short hair style that fit well under the hat, it's from EMO-tions.

Outfit - !RIGHT

Hat, Necklace, Shoes - artMEfashion

Jewelry - K&K

Hair - EMO-tions

Skin - Munspain

Eyes - sf design

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Sn@tch Up This Style

So this isn't exactly an Easter look but you could easily make it one. Sn@tch is a great store and this my first time truly giving them a review. For your viewing pleasure is the Fancey Dress. It's a lovely and simple dress with the right amount of details and insanely well made. It comes in six, yes six colors! Each one is lovely and pastel, perfect for this time of year.

Being the lil girlie girl that I can be this dress is just perfect. The colors are so soft and sweet and the design is frill and adorable. I like Sn@tch products because of their edge and the general underground feel of the store so when I saw this dress it stood out right away. It looks almost "mainstream" I guess? But don't let that stop you because with the right accessories you can take it in many different directions. I went with the spring rout since...well it is spring after all and when I see the dress it's how I feel.

I actually wrote a small rant here...but decided to erase it. I know it's my blog but I want to keep things positive and about fashion. Fashion is my life on SL, I blog and work as a model. The blog is a lot of work but it's my outlet, ya know? And I also hope people read it and like what they see and support the great stores. Sn@tch is a great place to shop and has an amazing bargain area, it's a must see for sure!

Dress - Sn@tch

Jewelry - JD Designs

Make-up - Fright Cosmetics

Hair - Red Mint

Nails - Love Soul

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rock Me Amadeus - Easter

And the count down to Easter continues. This time it's a full on Playboy bunny look from Rock Me Amadeus. Sexy, fun and flirty this is a great lil bunny costume to hope around in. It also comes in a variety of colors; I choose black with pink since it looks quite seductive and I love pink. I think the pink adds a very flirty feel to this look.

To go with the pink in the bunny suit I wore pink shoes. These are from Republic and I picked them up during the closing sale. Only 40L for most things in the shop. Very great shoes and skins, you know me...if it's a sale, I have to check it out. I would suggest you hurry though, closing says don't last long guys!

Another sale item is my hair. It's from Battle Angel and you can pick it up as part of the It's on Sale event. Lots of colors to choose from, I tried to show you a few but there are many more options once you visit them. Layla is a new release from JeSyLiLO and it's perfect for Easter time with colorful eyeshadow and juicy yummy lips!

Outfit - Rock Me Amadeus - ($150L)

Shoes - Republic - (CLOSING SOON, HURRY!)

Hair - Battle Angel

Skin - JeSyLiLO

Eyes - sf design

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Curious Kitties - Sakura Evilia

I've got lots of Curious Kitties to show you as Easter comes this way. Of course, there are still amazing Sakura themed items to get your paws on. If you want something a bit darker then the Evilia set is for you. Boots, outfit, stockings and of course hats. This outfit has a very regal feel to it with a high color and long cape, a change from the happier nature of the light counter part. Despite being adorable and cute it has a very adult feel to it. Actually, when I saw the vendor pictures I didn't expect it to be like this, it's a whole different experience when you wear it.

Not long after this set was released hats came out too. I mean really, hats?! Curious Kitties never ceases to amaze me with the volume of products that come out. The one you see first is the kitty one, and of course I love cats so this is great! If you want the hats for your Plaid Angst dress instead, you can do it! If I am able to show it off I shall, fear not.

And of course, since it's Easter time I have to show you the bunny version of the hat. As much as I love kitties I hate to say it but...I think I like the bunny a bit better. I love the powerful pointed up ears and the detail to them. But let's face it, I love every product in the Curious Kitties store and will wear them no matter what. EVERYTHING you see on me is from there. Skin, hair, eyes, it's all *C:K* style.

Everything - Curious Kitties

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Monday, April 18, 2011

LoveCats - Harlequin Bunneh

Okay so if anyone read my St. Patrick's Day blogs I did TEN in ONE was too much. I didn't get any sleep and I know I spammed anyone who keeps up with me. This time I will spread out my Easter posts through out the week to give me more time to focus on them and my other postings. And you more time to read the posts and buy what you like. :)

This outfit is the 2011 offering from LoveCats for Easter. I wore this to an event and decided to blog it to start off my week of Easter fun. Unlike the usual Easter outfits you might see this is not laden with pastel. It's mainly black with a checkered accent and purple. Also what I find unique are the ears, they're not sticking up which you see nearly everywhere. Hurry to the store guys and you be able to catch it on sale.

I paired it with a skin and eyes from Curious Kitties, you can pick them up for FREE now guys so if you like then go. The necklace was a past freebie from Curious Kitties for Chinese New Year and the hair is on sale at the store as well. I kept it black to go with the outfit but if you have the color change HUDs it can be anything you wish. I personally love how well the items from Curious Kitties goes with LoveCats stuff...but then again, kitty cats should stick together!

Outfit - LoveCats

Hair, Necklace, Skin, Eyes - Curious Kitties

Nails - Virtual Insanity