Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spectrum of Color

It's that time again, 55L Thursday and I decided to go rainbow today! I'm showcasing the Spectrum set from Finesmith and thought it would look great with Rainbow Kitteh from LoveCats. It might look like an overload of color but then again, what's wrong with that?! I felt colorful so I went colorful, even adding in rainbow wings from Deviance.

Each piece of the Spectrum set is 55L today. Earrings, bracelet and a ring are available. Pick up one or all of the pieces and have fun mixing and matching. These pieces aren't small, people see them and notice them; they look amazing. And the price is a great bargain as well. I really love how they flow so well with the LoveCats outfit, mixing lovely neko fun with high end jewelry.

And of course an up close view! You can see the necklace part of the set, as well as this lipstick I'm in love with. It's from LAPIN and I picked it up at The Dressing Room, a great place for discount items made by high quality designers. I actually got the eyelashes there too a few weeks back, but be weary the collections rotate so keep on the look out so you don't miss anything. Wearing one of the great Easter hairs from Curious Kitties.

Outfit - LoveCats

Jewelry - Finesmith

Wings - Deviance - (FREE)

Hair - Curious Kitties

Lipstick - LAPIN

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Eyelashes - glow studios


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