Sunday, April 17, 2011

Princesa Azul

If you don't know Spanish, the title is "Blue Princess" and as you can see that is exactly what I am! I do hope I have fans out there, followers and people who at least read my blogs because if you know me...this is exactly how I work! I saw this My Precious gown I had a stroke of genius and I had a post in my mind right away. I had seen the jewelry before and didn't know exactly how to showcase it...then this dress came. It was like a miracle! Behold the Kate Royal Sapphire jewelry set with this amazing Athena gown.

Athena is a lovely gown created by Agnes Finny, designer for My Precious and it comes in five colors. I choose blue since I don't get to wear blue often and it just looks great in this style. Plus, the jewelry just feels like it was made for this dress! This jewelry set by Rebel Hope Designs comes with the tiara, necklace and earrings. Amazingly detailed work with high quality sapphire jewels.

The lovely skin you see if a new release from Bare Sensual, very smooth and serene; the perfect look for a princess. I didn't want harsh make-up either, this skin is amazing as well, great quality. The hair is a style I picked up from TRUTH, wanted a dark up-do to go well with the crown and contrast the pale flesh tone so I picked up this style called Annie.

Dress - My Precious

Jewelry - Rebel Hope Designs

Hair - TRUTH

Skin - Bare Sensual

Eyes - perception eyes

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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