Monday, April 18, 2011

LoveCats - Harlequin Bunneh

Okay so if anyone read my St. Patrick's Day blogs I did TEN in ONE was too much. I didn't get any sleep and I know I spammed anyone who keeps up with me. This time I will spread out my Easter posts through out the week to give me more time to focus on them and my other postings. And you more time to read the posts and buy what you like. :)

This outfit is the 2011 offering from LoveCats for Easter. I wore this to an event and decided to blog it to start off my week of Easter fun. Unlike the usual Easter outfits you might see this is not laden with pastel. It's mainly black with a checkered accent and purple. Also what I find unique are the ears, they're not sticking up which you see nearly everywhere. Hurry to the store guys and you be able to catch it on sale.

I paired it with a skin and eyes from Curious Kitties, you can pick them up for FREE now guys so if you like then go. The necklace was a past freebie from Curious Kitties for Chinese New Year and the hair is on sale at the store as well. I kept it black to go with the outfit but if you have the color change HUDs it can be anything you wish. I personally love how well the items from Curious Kitties goes with LoveCats stuff...but then again, kitty cats should stick together!

Outfit - LoveCats

Hair, Necklace, Skin, Eyes - Curious Kitties

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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