Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sore wa doyōbi desu!

Welcome to more casual Saturday fun! This time we're going to take a peek at some more of the great items I picked up during the great relief events for Japan. Been waiting to show you guys this and I'm glad I finally get the chance to; I had a ton of fun too. Went on a little adventure too with this outfit so let's have some fun, kay?

This shirt is available for free guys so if you want to show some Japan pride this is a great way to do it guys. Bag is made by PsychoTroPia and I love the design on it. I felt so prideful in it. I mentioned before but when I went shopping for relief items I only really picked up things that inspired Japan in me and of course were a great deal. This messenger bag was perfect! And can go with many looks.

Miamai boots and pants from H.E.D. were not relief items however I really loved how they helped pull this casual look together. I wanted to wear a very rustic feeling boot, no high heels this time! Just casual and down to Earth. I had these boots for a while actually so I'm happy to have a chance to wear them and show them off.

Upclose is all relief items. Magika hair, Mother Goose skin and a bangle by je suis were all bought to aid Japan. Along with the cute stick tattoo and sushi nom. I do love adorable noms and this one is very Japanese...because it's sushi! The nom is made by Atypical, it has a closed mouth option and open mouth option. Adorable treat and I'm a huge fan of noms.

Shirt - Picked up at the Help Japan event

Pants - H.E.D.

Boots - Miamai

Bag - PsychoTroPia

Bracelet - Je Suis

Ribbon Necklace - KOSH

Bead Necklace - Line

Face Note - *KK* Kattastrophe

Hair - Magika

Skin - Mother Goose

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - [ni.ju]

Sushi Nom Nom - Atypical


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