Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Fun with Fierce Designs

So I won't lie, when I work for a store I am a bit bias when I review their items. But let's be honest, I wouldn't model for a store if I didn't like their clothes in first place...unless the pay was amazing. AND, most modeling jobs aren't paid that well, it's for the clothes! This is my first time reviewing Fierce Designs and I quite enjoy what I get to review. They released a few new dresses for Easter so I'll show them to you. This first one is free if you find it during the Mix & Match Hunt. The pattern is adorable, multiple colored bunnies all over it with a cute orange bow in the front. I wore a pair of heels in orange by Nardcotix.

Each of these Easter themed dresses come with a cute bunny to clutch and an Easter basket to hold. This style is also free if you find the Rainy Day hunt item in the store. It has a more abstract feel to it and be worn easily outside of Easter time. My pink hair is also free at BC322 on their lucky letter board. I waited a while to nab it but it was worth it.

Fear not, if you cannot find the hunt items these same style of dresses are available, with different prints, at the shop. I wore a nice, light and airy skin by JeSyLiLo for these pictures and the necklace is by LucieCakes, love the lucky charms on it and the pastel colors.

Dresses - Fierce Designs (FREE hunt items)

Shoes - Nardcotix

Necklace - LucieCakes

Earrings - Finesmith

Hair - BC322 (FREE lucky letter board)

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Eyes - perception eyes


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