Sunday, April 10, 2011

Le Charme Fashion - Line

Le Charme Fashion is offering a brand new group gift for April called Line. It's a cute dress with, as the name suggest, a line pattern on it. It's black and white, simple colors crying out for amazing accessories. It's odd, as I write this I almost wish I had mixed red with it. Thick red belt with stripes would go very far.

Another nice part of this dress is that you can wear it as either a long dress or a short look so it's a great piece for day or night time. I wore a pair of shoes from Mary Jane Shoes called Sassy Zebra. I actually wore these for the MJS fashion show and they go well with the stripes in the dress I thought. The bracelet you see comes with the outfit.

Skin and shape are from Bare Sensual and I wore a new style from Simply Britnee in blond to go with the tan tone in the skin I wore. Jewelry is from Ear Candy, simple and affordable but very lovely jewelry store that I enjoy; especially when things are on sale.

Dress - Le Charme Fashion

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Jewelry - Ear Candy

Skin - Bare Sensual

Hair - Simply Britnee

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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