Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Day Off for Sophi?

Ha! Fat chance! So it's the weekend and I use this time to relax on SL, though I still work. I went to bed at 1pm Saturday afternoon, just was up all night yakking with friends on Skype. I have to be up for a shift on SL though. I wake up, run errands in RL and make it back in time for my shift. But let's imagine I didn't work on the weekends...let's imagine I have the freedom to be casual and chill; what would I wear? Well, I pulled together this great look as a bit of a peak at a casual Sophi day.

Shirt and Jeans come from Spearsong, newly released items. Insanely simple yet they look great. When I first saw it the simple blue V neck style just...inspired me. Well done, well made and a beautiful canvas for fun. I also wore tattoos from Spearsong, picked them up during a hunt. The hot belt is from +DV8+, much love to them.

Love the shoes? I do too! I picked them up at Malfean Visions one weekend when they were on sale. I always stop by there for the sales because they have great quality items and..well I love sales! The bag you see is by Virtual Insanity, great shoulder bag with skulls on it. Rawr! I felt kinda...goth-ish I guess? I actually don't know what label to put on this style but I like it.

Nails are also from Virtual Insanity and if you look closely you'll see I'm wearing eye jewelry from the same store. Wild and crazy hair is from EMO-tions and the tie is a new release from [ bubble ]. Don't forget that sexy piercing on my lips, it's part of the It's on Sale Event and you can grab it at Sour Pickles for a reduced price. But hurry before the sale ends guys, this weekend is it!

Outfit & Tattoos - .:SS:. Spearsong

Shoes - Malfean Visions

Piercing - Sour Pickles

Nails, Bag, Eye Jewelry - Virtual Insanity

Tie - [ bubble ]

Hair - EMO-tions

Skin - JeSyLiLO

Eyes - perception eyes


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