Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lovely Mi - Limited Editions

Here is a lovely tale, a tale about make-up. But not just any make-up, oh no. This is Lovely Mi make-up and it is truly top notch. To start this post off I'm going to jump right into it with Federica Limited Edition Make-up, only 50 available in world. I start off with this because it is dedicated to LovelyMiwako7399 Menna's sister, Federica Galtier. Obviously a very lucky woman to have this in her honor. I do love bold make-up and this bright and powerful. The stands out beautifully!

Next up is L'Amour Limited Edition Make-up which is also limited to only 50 copies in world. This is a wonderful purple style with a lighter color for a lip stripe. I will also point out that this and the other sets come with three options; eye only, lips only and the full look. So you can mix, match or go all the way! The shadow is great with this one, I enjoy the light almost lavender/silver-ish part right on the eyelid, draws attention to your eyes very well.

For your viewing pleasure we have Folie Limited Edition Make-up. This one is perhaps a favorite of mine. A very simple yellow stripe adds a hint of color while the main focus is on your eyes. The design over the right eye is what I enjoy, the left eye isn't left out either with a more subtle design on it as well. It will really make your eyes pop!

Last but certainly not lease is LE Heart Limited Edition Make-up, this one has 100 copies available so a bit more than the other ones but still not many so hurry! Around V-day I just adored the cute skins and make-ups sets with the heart on the lips and now, in case you missed it, you can grab up this one! As an added bonus the eye portion of this set is very well done and accents the lips perfectly; or looks great alone!

Make-up - Lovely Mi (Each skin is at a different LM)

Federica Limited Edition Make-up is at located here.

L'Amour Limited Edition Make-up is located here.

Folie Limited Edition Make-up is located here.

LE Heart Limited Edition Make-up is located here.

Hair in First Pic - Ali & Ali - ($1L only!)

Hair in other pics - Exile

Eyes - perception eyes


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