Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beautiful Dirty Rich - Easter

As we continue our trip down the bunny path we visit Beautiful Dirty Rich. This sexy bunny girl outfit is a free gift to group members for Easter. Look sexy and stylish and pink! Well, it's mauve but that's a shade of pink so we'll go with that. I'm quite happy with any shade of pink, dark or light! I do like this because it's a sexy dress and not the classic bathing suit looking one.

You also get the stockings, sexy fish nets for your pleasure. A very nice feature is the shoes come with it. HUD controlled and at no extra cost! They work great and tint your skin while keeping the fish net pattern over the foot. Very sexy heels and I like seeing HUD controlled shows that work with stockings.

Beautiful Dirty Rich also has a large selections of hair you can pick up. The one you see on me I grabbed from there for free, I believe off the MM board. They have tons of free hairs in many colors and great deals and sales. I like the way this one goes with the ears which are very well sculpted. I'd also like to point out the cuffs, great detail there! You can pick this up in other colors, guys, but it will cost.

Outfit & Hair - Beautiful Dirty Rich

Make-up - JeSyLiLO

Eyes - sf design

Nails - Finesmith


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