Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hope in My Heart for Japan

So perhaps some of the charity events for Japan are over or drawing to a close but that doesn't mean we should forget or push it aside. As with most human issues once the fanfare dies down we go back to life as usual but Japan hasn't yet. The world is filled with problems and it's up to us as a people to band together to fix it. I would hope that it doesn't just take a tragedy to get people to stand up and help. I picked up some great items during the sale events and haven't been able to show them all, but I will try! After seeing that Team Fortress 2 managed to raise $430k for Japan it reminded me how even a little help can add up to a lot if we all try. Hopefully all the linden we have spent on Second Life have added up and can also help.

Everything you see on me I bought for the cause. Skin is from Mother Goose, a great shop and a beautiful skin. I love the soft feel to it, almost like a porcelain doll. The make up is courtesy of Lucky #7 and as I mentioned in earlier post I LOVE the items that are so clearly Japan. The pattern is of course based on the national flag, white with a red dot but it also has a bit of design around the eyes as well so it's not basic at all. Hair is from Magika, I really love that shocking red color, so amazing.

Anges Finney is responsible for the dress. It's utterly beautiful, like a casual spring kimono. I love the color in it as well. The stockings and geta were not relief sale items, they came with an outfit I reviewed before by ChiChi of London. The purse is from Duh! and I was very pleased to see it matched the dress so well, I didn't even have the two in mind when I picked it up so lucky Sophi!

In case you couldn't see with my sleeves I also have some amazing nails on by [ni.ju]. They're red with a white dot, a reverse of the Japanese flag. My stunning eyes are from Banana Banshee, lucky me that even special eyes were made for the relief effort; people should never neglect the importance of a good pair of eyes!

Outfit - Agnes Finney

Stockings & Geta - ChiChi London

Purse - Duh!

Hair - Magika

Skin - Mother Goose

Make-up - Lucky #7

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - [ni.ju]


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