Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purple Passion in Paris

So maybe I didn't go all the way to Paris but this is close enough, eh? More 55L fun, this time with DK Designs. This lovely dress you see on me can be yours for only 55L today. It's available in red and purple; I went purple because it's the vision that came to me! Sounds odd, I know, but my style comes to me that way...visions! Haha, ok, it's not as crazy as it sounds. But really, this whole look came together very fast in my mind. The dress called the other pieces to it to make the look complete.

DK Designs also has great shoes available in many colors, I wore the purple color to go with the dress, obviously. They are very cute sneaker style ankle boots and I really love ankle boots on my avatar. They make my legs look longer and very sexy. They really go well with this short dress. You could even add stockings if you liked.

I mixed in this great scarf by Zeery, it's part of a set created for one of Japanese relief effort. The eyes by Banana Banshee are for the same event; FUR Japan. Remember, people still need our help so don't stop donating now! Hair I grabbed from The Dressing Room Blue and it's by LoQ, it's at a discount price and comes in four colors; it's a great deal guys!

Outfit & Shoes - DK Designs

Scarf - Zeery

Jewelry - Ear Candy

Skin - FACES Studios

Hair - LoQ

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Eyelashes - glow studios


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