Monday, April 4, 2011

Mix and Match with Me

So as I mentioned before, the Mix and Match Hunt has started and I'll be trying to feature as many of the items as I can, especially if they catch my fancy. This time I'm wearing this great flower print dress that you can find during the hunt at Fatal Virus. It's a great spring time outfit with a lovely floral pattern on it. Necklace is courtesy of Just You Jewels is offering hunters this lovely black bead necklace that would go great with any outfit.

I wore these vintage style shoes from Urban Warehouse, also available during the M&M hunt. They have texture change so really you have four pairs of shoes in one really! I do like how they go with the dress, a very vintage feel that I don't get to wear often. Make sure to take a look at my eyes, they're kiwi style and only 1L at the Designer Circle, made by Divine.

Hair is from Diva, a group gift that you can still pick up. The skin is a new release from Tribal Soul Designs, also a free group so if you think it looks good on me don't hesitate to go grab it. White Widow make up around my eyes in a copper tone, the great sunglasses from AIDORU and of course the earrings that are on me from SIGMA are all free to find during the Mix and Match Hunt so be sure to stop by their stores to find the prize.

Dress - Fatal Virus

Shoes - Urban Warehouse

Necklace - Just You Jewels

Earrings - SIGMA

Glasses - AIDORU

Hair - Diva - (FREE group gift)

Skin - Tribal Soul Designs - (FREE group gift)

Eyes - Divine - (1L at Designer Circle)

Make-up - White Widow


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