Sunday, April 17, 2011

Princesa Rosa

And now I am a princess in pink! This is yet another Sophi post what I'm wearing to work! I have been an Evolve model for a while, it is a great shop to be a part of. Lovely designs a small, close knit staff. I feel very comfortable there, no divas and no drama. I blogged about one of their gowns in January and you know what, that was far too long ago! Since I wanted to make this a formal Sunday and I'm wearing this on my shift, perfect chance to feature Evolve once more.

The lovely dress I am wearing is called Saving Grace, a sexy yet very classy piece. It is of course pink, my favorite color, and a great shade of it as well. Reign Congrejo is the designer at Evolve and a lovely person as well as an accomplished model. She knows what works and what women want to see and each outfit she comes out with continue to get better and better and draw more attention.

The jewelry set I have on is from Finesmith. These pieces are from the upcoming Rissa collection and might I say they are to DIE for! Make sure to set aside some linden for this ladies because the piece are top notch. I am wearing the delicate style; earrings, necklace, bracelet and eye piece. All amazingly well done with the type of quality you expect from Finesmith.

Here is a closer look at the set on me. I wore this adorable up style by Ali & Ali called Paulina, I wanted a style that would show off the eye piece very well and this does the job. My skin is by Bare Sensual, pale an angelic; perfect for a princess. No make-up here guys, I'm going natural and simple.

Dress - Evolve

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - Ali & Ali - (FREE voting present)

Skin - Bare Sensual

Eyes - perception eyes

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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