Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a Small World After all

Guys...I have a secret to share. to be a tiny! Now you've seen my pictures and if you've seen me in world you know I look like an amazon half the time. But I also have many different things I enjoy and being cute and adorable is one of them. I love cute things in real life and of course it translates to the virtual world as well. When I found ITOH CLINIC I thought, wow I'm in heaven! Cute lil avatars and clothes plus very cheap prices. The look I have now was what I started with but today I decided to shop for a few more outfits for my tiny self. Take a look!

Had to go school girl! I got both looks in the package, red bow and blue bow. Of course this is the Japanese fuku style that you see very commonly in anime though the bow is a tie style and not an actual bow style. But really, who is nitpicking? I grabbed a new pair of shoes too, best part these color change so I can wear them many different outfits. I actually wore these shoes in all the photos save the first one, shows how versatile they are!

Okay, so I really love the school girl look so I picked up this set as well. This is a darker set with skirts in black and red, also in the Japanese fuku style. And as you can, the eyes of my avatar blink! Yes, I took that shot on purpose. It was a shame I only had a short amount of time to be this cute today in between jobs. But I enjoyed it and love the compliments I get. How can you not find it adorable?! Hehe

And the finishing touch...a maid outfit! How can you not love a small rabbit maid?! Of course you might say "But this isn't fashion,Sophi! The shading, the this, the that" and whatever else. I will admit, I can be picky about my clothes when I shop around or even when I work at a place. But I guess sometimes something doesn't need to look like a million linden to make you happy. This avatar and the clothes on it make me happy, they might make you happy too!

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