Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Honey Bears and Blue Birds

It's that time again! Another post with items from Curious Kitties! As you know I utterly enjoy these post because I am such a fan of cute things. I have very complex tastes. It's easy to say I love everything in the Curious Kitties shop and I would love to own it all! The creator somehow has time and manages to release new products like crazy, hard to keep up but lots of fun to do anyway. Here you shall see the honey bear and blue bird outfits.

As with the ladybug and honeybee ones I showed off earlier, these you can wear with hood up or down. Make sure you wear a hair that fits under it well of course, unless you want to run around in hood down mode all the time. Honestly I WISH I had hoodies like these in the real world. Closest I have are cute hats. The way these hoodies are designed they can work as full outfits, just add shoes!

But that wouldn't be enough for Curious Kitties, after releasing the hoodies soon came matching stockings and boots! Lovely items that go perfectly with the outfits. I personally love the wing details on the boots for the bluebird look. Now of course, you are free to mix and match but these items were made with the intent to go with the hoodies and I love how the whole look compliments itself.

As usually, everything on me is Curious Kitties. The hair is called Fifi and fits very well under the hood. There are other short styles at the store, however this was a newer release so I wanted to show it to you guys! It's a very simple and realistic style that reminds me of the styles in the 20's almost but a bit more modern. It has a cherubim feel so it, especially when paired with any one of the many skins available at Curious Kitties.

Everything - Curious Kitties

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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