Thursday, June 30, 2011

55L - Evolve and Finesmith

Ready for some 55L fun? Evolve has an amazing outfit called Morela out for sale and it's a steal! If you're low on linden but love great style then remember to visit Evolve and pick this up. It's a sexy black look with amazing prim work, perfect for an evening out or even a meeting. I personally enjoy the simple look here, it's both stylish without being outlandish and works great to adding accessories.

This outfit comes in full with the top, prim sleeves, and the stockings. They're a mix of a patterned stocking that goes from the end of the skirt to the knee and then turns back into a solid black. I wore a pair of ankle boots from Mary Jane Shoes. I kept everything very simple on color to stand out in the striking and powerful black and also highlight the stockings.

I also went all black to showcase this amazing jewelry set from Finesmith which you can also pick up for 55L! That's right, the majority of this look cost less than 200L, not counting the shoes nor the hair from Vanity Hair. But you can always mix and match with this to keep it under budget and have a load of fun as well. Remember, fashion doesn't need to be expensive just expressive!

Outfit - Evolve

Jewelry - Finesmith

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Hair - Vanity Hair

LoveCats - Rose Fairy

If any of you lovely fashion fans went to The Fashion Files - Summer 2011 show then you will know what this is. It's one of the newest releases from LoveCats called Rose Fairy. It was previewed at the show for all who went and they had an early chance to buy it along with another new release that you will see soon. Now, this amazing outfit has been released for the general public! To follow the trend of amazing fairy fashion, this fully put together look adds in a beautiful flower theme.

From head to toe you will be covered in roses. The wings are made up of beautiful flowers and the body is covered with perfectly placed petals that add a hint of modesty, though in true fairy form you are free to be with nature. The wings are flexi as well as the sleeves and skirt that come with it. Everything moves beautifully and gives a very mystical feel to the outfit which I love.

I threw on some eyelashes I got from [glow] that I love. They're green prim lashes, very fitting for the Rose Fairy outfit. It brings color and life to my eyes, along with the eyeshadow from label Mode. My hair is simple and blonde from, I wanted a very neutral style that wouldn't take away from eyes nor the amazing outfit.

Outfit - LoveCats

Hair -

Eyelashes - [glow]

Eyeshadow - label Mode

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Taste of SL - Once Upon a Time

Don't forget to enjoy the Taste of SL sale this week! The theme is Once Upon a Time, so all the items have a great fairytale feel. I now share with you some of the great items you can get while on sale, first starting with the blue dress you see on me. It's from Alexohol and is very beautiful, it also comes in three colors so if blue isn't your thing you can find it in pink or yellow. Each color is 75L or you can pick up all three at once for 160L.

Also up for grabs is this cute bracelet from Baby Monkey Shoes. It's a butterfly watch with some great bangles and the band of the watch actually changes colors. I made it blue to match the dress. The necklace is from Collisions and I love it. It's hard to see but I'm actually wearing The Never Ending Story around my neck! An amazing story and a true fairytale classic, I love this necklace because I am a fan of the story.

My skin is available for only 50L from Vogue Body Shop, it's based on the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland if you couldn't tell. I'm always a fan of skins and makeups that the heart on the lips. My crown is also 50L and you can make it yours if you visit Virtual Insanity this week before the sale is over. So if you want a Taste of SL you better hurry!

Dress - Alexohol Fashions

Necklace - Collisions

Bracelets - Baby Monkey Shoes

Crown & Nails - [Virtual/Insanity]

Hair - Battle Angels

Skin - Vogue Bodyshop

Taste of SL Hunt ep1

Hey...psst. Did you hear about the Taste of SL hunt? The great sale group is having a month long sale until July 15th with many fun stores with great items to find. Act now if you want some great items and a lot of fun finding them. Today I'll show you a few of the items you can find, starting with this beautiful dress from Sassy Kittens Designs. It comes in three colors when you find it, this is the white option. It has cute little skulls on it and an adorable poofy skirt. It's very cute, short and simple; a lot of fun to wear as well.

I like how even though this dress has skulls on it you can still wear it in a very fun and light fashion. I wanted to express the carefree nature of Summer. The poses I used for these shots you can also find on the hunt. Visit Magnifique Poses if you want to find their hunt gift. The set comes with for lovely static poses, so they're good for photo shoots but not for a runway. However, I like how they worked with this dress.

SHINE is part of the hunt as well, offering the necklace you see on me. You also get two others as part of their prize. The glasses come from Candydoll so if you enjoy them make sure to stop buy and find their hidden hunt prize. Earrings are also up for grabs at LacieCakes so be sure to visit these great shops while you hunt

Dress - Sassy Kitty Designs

Necklace - SHINE

Earrings - LacieCakes

Sunglasses - Candydoll

Hair -

Nails - Love Soul

Poses - Magnifique Poses

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Fashion Files - Summer 2011 Fashion Show

The Fashion Files: Summer 2011
premiering on
Sunday, June 26 at 11am SLT
Do you love glamor? Style? Fresh new looks on beautiful models? Then come join the wonderful models of DEJAVOGUE as they bring you designs of 14 of SLs top designers showcasing gowns, causal wear, fantasy wear and of course lovely pieces for the men of the grid. An experience for all, this an event not to miss and your first chance to see some brand new reveals not available anywhere else yet!

Limo to the show.

Participating designers include:

A L E I D A Fashion
Anubis STyle
Duffs Fashion
Fellini Couture
Kastle Rock Couture
Mohna Lisa Couture
Sascha's Designs
SF Designs
Styles by Danielle
and Velvet Rhythms

To make this hott show even more sizzling, attendees of this show will be able to purchase outfits seen on the runway before, during and/or after the show, on location. All proceeds go directly to the designers.
Produced by: Dolce Enderfield | Hosted by: Maddox Kaestner

SLC - Hot Summer

It's been a while guys! I haven't had a good ole SLC post in a while. But here we are again, celebrating the season with this great outfit called Hot Summer. It's totally sexy, sort of raunchy and only 60L, wow! For this weekend only you can have this look in three colors; red, black and white and only for 60L! I paired this look with a sexy wedge from Mary Jane Shoes, great for this hot weather and this totally hot outfit.

Don't be shy ladies, sometimes you need to let it out! Show the boys a little fun and enjoy the sun. This outfit comes with a sexy halter top, bootie shorts and a thong that you can see over the top of the shorts. It's simple, to the point and very summer. As a bonus, you get the bangles, sunglasses and belly piercing you see in the picture as well. So you're getting quite a bit for your buck, especially this weekend while the set is on sale for only 60L.

I wore a lovely and flowing style from Ali & Ali, it's uber flexi and looks great. I love the color and style with this look. It's almost as golden as the sun. My skin is from JeSyLiLo, I liked the red lipstick since it matched the outfit. If you like it then grab the LM and look for a skin called Yummy. Earrings and necklace are from Addiction Jewelry, I wanted something nice and simple yet very stylish to lay on my neck and the Journey set is perfect.

Outfit (with sunglasses, bracelets and piercing) - SLC

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Necklace & Earrings - Addiction Jewelry

Hair - Ali & Ali

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Nails - Finesmith

!Right - Tragedy

Love sales? Love sexy fashion? Then I present to you Tragedy from !Right and for this weekend only it's just 60L! It's been a while since I shared anything from !Right, have had a lot on my plate in SL and RL. Last week, this very day of the week my cat died in the real world. 15 years old. To me, that was a true tragedy and honestly I couldn't be on SL all weekend. I didn't want to be on at all this week either but I wanted to try and fulfill my commitments to other people. It's also why I didn't blog much last week. But I'm trying to stay up on things, guys! And part of that is sharing some amazing sales with you and the weekend is full of them.

Tragedy comes in three colors; purple, blue and black. It's a very sexy look, almost like a naughty school girl. I enjoy the two layer top look with the white and then black tank top. It has a sexy mini skirt with your thong showing, uh oh! It comes with the sunglasses, bracelets and even the stockings. The boots, however, are from Fierce Designs. Sexy new boots called Her Masters Boots.

To finish the look I wore a new skin from [Acide!], I love the tone and the smooth and calm look on the face. It also comes in darker shades! Hair is also brand new from [Me.] a great style that you can use a HUD that comes with it to change the color, highlights and even the headband! My collar is from ( R E D ) M I N T and is a great addition to this look. It is RLV compatible if you're into that sort of thing so have fun with it!

Outfit - !Right

Shoes - Fierce Designs

Collar - ( R E D ) M I N T

Hair - [Me.]

Skin - [Acide!]

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Mohna Lisa Couture - Thread Bare Silk Gown Noir

And now I share with you this lovely gown from Mohna Lisa Couture. I wore this beautiful piece for their fashion show, an amazing gown that I also enjoy wearing for my shifts at the store. Being able to wear this dress was such an honor but having to do it in front so many people; how nerve wracking! Could I really live up to beauty and grace of this dress? Thread Bare Silk Gown Noir is an amazing piece of art, mixing sensuality with true elegance.

I took these shots actually at the Mohna Lisa Couture store, on the runway where the show was. Only difference, no one is here to watch! So much easier to be on the runway without eyes judging but you miss people seeing you though. As you can see in the picture, this dress is beautiful front and back. I always love when an outfit looks amazing coming and going, no matter which angle you are viewed from. The attention to detail put into this gown is very obvious.

Since it was a fashion show I wanted to wear only the best, Finesmith jewelry was my first choice. It fit perfectly with this gown I believe, adding many levels of beauty to an already outstanding piece of art. My hair is from Vanity, a style that was chosen to give a bit of modern flare to this look while still being elegant.

Dress - Mohna Lisa Couture

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - Vanity Hair

Friday, June 24, 2011


When: Saturday, 25 June 2011 2pmslt
To know more about the show, please visit:

If you're looking for some fun this Saturday and some amazing fashion do not miss this stunning fashion show with amazing designs from VERO MODERO. Always on the cutting edge of style, now is your chance to peek at some of their upcoming beauty!

SL8B Casual Fashion Show

Siren Productions & SL Art Couture is happy to present the SL8B Casual Fashion Show on June 25th at 6-7 P.M. SLT. Join in on the celebration with creations from The Sea Hole, Shiki, MCD, and FIR & MNA.

Limo to the show.

Month of Fetish - Hugo's Design and Graves

• Dates: On June 25th: 12-1pm SLT - Hugo’s Design Fashion Show & June 26th: 5-6pm SLT - Graves Fashion Show.

• Siren Production’s will be showcasing the fun and sexy styles of Hugo’s Design and Graves Fashion. Give in to the temptation on June 25th and June 26th and prepare for one hot and exciting weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SL8B Couture Fashion Show

Siren Productions & SL Art Couture announces the SL8B Couture Fashion Show. What better way to help Second Life® turn 8, then with an exciting fashion event! Come and see the finest in fashion from LeeZu, GizzA Creations, Azul, and Finesmith on June 22nd at 1-2 P.M. SLT.

Limo to the show.

Purple Moon - Retro Vibes

So as you know, I always have a posting bias when I work some place...well welcome to my new bias; Purple Moon! I have wanted to be a model for Purple Moon for quite some time and note my shock when I finally was picked! Now, I've been with the store for about a month now but I finally found this sexy look to share. It's how you'll usually see me at the store to at the moment. Purple Moon is having a second anniversary special and part of the deals you can get you see on me. The dress is totally free to group members. 50L to join the amazing update group and you can get this and many more deals and specials.

As the title suggest, this dress is called, literally; Retro Dress. The pattern and style have a sexy 70's feel to it that I just love. The pattern is perfect for the dress, almost like a paisley look. It's a simple dress with a beautiful prim skirt so it's tons of fun to accessorize. I wore a sexy pair of boots from Mary Jane Shoes in purple to match the colors in the dress itself. I really felt the knee length boots went very well with the short dress, plus they remind me of go-go boots.

My jewelry is all from Purple Moon. The earrings were FREE and offered via notice in the update group. The necklace is 300L but if you're in the update group you get a 75% discount; wow! You pay 300L and get 250L back instantly! They match the earrings perfectly. My hair is from Vanity Hair, a sexy fro to tie in with the retro look and it has a purple band to go with the dress, win win for Sophi.

Dress & Jewelry - Purple Moon

Boots - Mary Jane Shoes

Hair - Vanity Hair

Friday, June 17, 2011

Month of Fetish - POC and Karu Karu

• Dates: June 18th: 12-1pm SLT - POC Fashion Show & June 19th: 5-6pm SLT - Karu Karu Fashion Show.

Siren Productions proudly presents an exciting fashion show with POC and Karu Karu Fashions. What could be better than spending a sensational naughty weekend surrounded by the best in fetish fashion? Mark June 18th & 19th down on your calendar!

[sYs] - PULSAR

Fun and full of adventure, I bring you some amazing designs from [sYs], a great store on Second Life. Now, this outfit came my way because the dance troupe I'm with was performing for a fashion show. The designer was, of course, [sYs] and we all wore this amazing catsuit. Now, I'm a fan of the store and its styles so I wanted to also blog it because...well that's what I do! So you're seeing the full PULSAR outfit. Amazing boots, the catsuit, soundglasses and even the skin and bracelets!

I won't lie, I feel in love with the glasses, they go so well with this look and, even better, you can easily wear them with other outfits as well. They are very futuristic but also modern and simple enough to mix and match with. The suit itself is sleek and utterly sex so if you have a rocking shape this will be perfect to show it off. I'd like to point out that [sYs] has a discount section which where you can pick up the PULSAR bracelets you see me wearing! Also, the bracelets, glasses, boots and even the head piece are HUD controlled so you can change the color of the accents. For the show, I made mine pink!

This skin is part of their dual line, when you get the skin it has two looks. The one you see in the picture with the cyber accents near my eye and also a plain version with just the lipstick and eyeliner. This skin is perfect for a gothic look! I love good quality pale skins with delicious black lipstick, I actually saw this skin and loved it before I knew it matched the PULSAR outfit; what are the odds?! It also comes with a head piece (shown in my second picture) so that is pretty neat I think.

Everything - [sYs]

Hair - LoQ

Deep Red Lolita

One of my favorite things to do, review Curious Kitties! This time we're going Lolita, a very fun fashion style from Japan that I adore. This actually came about during one of my modeling classes, we were asked to come in wearing a style we enjoyed and talking about it. I picked Gothic Lolita and wanted to wear an outfit from Curious Kitties but did not get a chance. However, I now get to share with you readers my love for this style by wearing the Deadly Rose Dress in red. I'll also point out my hands, I'm wearing Tiny Fuzzy Kitty Gloves that you can pick up for free as an update group gift, so adorable!

This dress is just lovely with accents everywhere. I love the rose theme to it. You can also find free, yes free matching boots; another update group gift. Best part is, if you pick up the Deadly Rose boots you get them in four colors! The dress itself comes in four colors as well so you can find the matching boots totally free to finish your outfit! I'm also wearing Cyberfuzz Stockings in red, lovely stripes that go great with this Lolita look.

Now, if you're wondering about the title of this post it's because I am wearing the Deep Red skin from Curious Kitties. It's much like the blue one I showed before except...well it's red! I love the make-up on this one, around the eyes and lips. It's a very soft red but not too muted where you won't see it. And yes, shape, hair and shape are all from Curious Kitties; you can get everything you need for your avatar there. Make a total look form head to toe; I love it! And I love doing these posts, pure bias for a great store.

Everything - Curious Kitties

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Blues

It's Thursday and that means more 55L fun. I will say right now, I'm not in the best of moods. So forgive me if I don't seem wordy. I have yet to enjoy shopping through the sales but I do know that this dress from DK Designs is available. It's called Tracy and you can find it in white or blue. A very simple, short and sexy dress for a nice sale price.

I paired it with some great Finesmith jewelry that you can find during the hunt this month. Necklace, earrings and even the ring can be yours if your hunting skills are up to par. I love the blue and how it goes with the dress, though you can change the color of the gems for whatever outfit you have on. I personally enjoyed how the jewelry added a new dimension to the dress; plus I like flowers.

As you can see the back of this dress is very revealing so don't be modest ladies! It will show off your skin and have all eyes on you. The back of the necklace also has a flower on it which looks nice with this dress style. My skin is a lovely new release from JeSyLiLo, I am a fan of their brand and I like how subtle this tone is. Hair is by [Me.], full HUD control color change so no need to buy tones of colors! Has highlights as well.

Outfit - DK Designs

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - [Me.]

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Virtual Insanity

House of Beningborough - Edina

House of Beningborough has many new releases on the plate for shoppers. One of them is this lovely style called Edina, I'm wearing it in pink leather. Now I am a huge fan of pink so this one was a must review for me. HoB is a lovely store filled with many designs in many colors, offering new releases often and also free outfits. Edina is one that I enjoyed because of it's simple yet adorable look. Now, I will add you can take this outfit in many directions but since it was pink I felt...well I wanted to take it in a more babygirl direction.

I wore a pair of shoes from G Field which actually matched very well to the color of the dress. Very girly ankle boots with laces, you can change the color of the laces which is is great though I usually keep them white. I have these in a few colors since I like them so much, actually. I bought them back in the day when I wore lots of babygirl stuff. Ah...this dress brings back so many memories!

The swirl you see on my head comes with the dress, I will add so you can easily see how this cute dress can be taken to a more high end level with such a dramatic shape. I wore hair from Vignette which is FREE, all the hair there is. All my jewelry if Finesmith, lovely pieces that are both high end and in this case, quite girly. I love how the flowers look with this style.

Outfit - House of Beningborough

Jewelry - Finesmith

Shoes - G Field

Hair - Vignette

Skin - Body by Eve

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cilian'gel - Walk of Fame Hunt

Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique is part of the Walk of Fame Hunt. The prize for the hunt is an amazing outfit for men or women, I'm of course showing you the female option. The outfits are based off of Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow, but I won't lie, the 1920's isn't something I'm too familiar with! So...I took the look in a new direction, the magic of styling! You just get the tutu when you find this outfit so the rest of the magic is up to you.

How about a hint to help you with the hunt? Look up and high, you may find some Stars hidden behind the Moon.

So despite my changing the theme and era of the outfit I wanted to still keep it in a ballerina spirit. Only probably was I didn't have the right shoes. I asked my fellow models and got some idea but nothing that was what I had in mind nor in my price range. I admit it, I'm a cheapie and bargain hunter and with all of my funds usually going towards modeling school I can't afford a pair of shoes I probably won't wear often. I found these from Libertine on the marketplace for only $150L, the white went with my hair from Creatives and of course the tutu.

I also added more white and silver layers with my piercings and necklace from Virtual Insanity as well as bracelets from +DV8+ and JD Designs. I will tell you right now I had to retake a couple of my shots because something was missing and it was the piercing, I think it really adds a bit more punk to look so this doesn't look overly high glam. I didn't wear earrings because of the hair, they wouldn't have shown up much in my shots.

Outfit - Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique

Shoes - Libertine

Bracelet (Left) - JD Designs

Bracelet (Right) - +DV8+

Necklace, Piercing & Nails - Virtual Insanity

Hair - Creatives

Eyes - perception eyes

Skin - Glam Affair

Vampire Couture

Okay so...maybe Sophi was in a mood. I wanted to think differently today so I took this amazing gown by Gelese Giano and changed it from high class to prom date from hell. I just wanted to go outside the box, take this dress to another level. Gore couture or vampire couture, an elegant gown with beautiful blood. This black dress is a one shoulder master piece but this is how it spoke to me, it cried out for this lovely pumping an exposed heart from AD Creations. You can't see the pumping in the pictures but this thing is amazing! Everyone who saw it loved it and since the dress is so beautiful and low cut it fit great.

Even without me taking the gown in this direction it is very sexy and revealing. The skirt has a poof at the hips then a trail in the back, exposing the front of your legs. You will also have your mid-section exposed and as I mentioned before it is very, very low cut. It also has a plunging neckline in the back so plenty of skin to see. I covered my legs a bit with these stockings from SD Wears and wore ankle boots from Mary Jane Shoes. You can also see the tassels this gown has, on the shoulder piece as well as from the skirt, they sway very beautifully when you walk. I love movement in an outfit.

You can of course opt out of the shoulder piece and change the look a bit. This shot gives a nice close up of the heart as well as my face. Skin and fangs are from 90 Degrees and my hair is a very new release from Beautiful Dirty Rich. If you peek in closer you can see the piercing set I got from the market place. I also like the bracelets from Acid & Mala Creations, I do enjoy black pearls! I wanted a simple yet elegant bracelet to go with the dress yet also the gothic look, the black pearls almost mimic the tassels so it's a pretty nice fit.

Dress - Gelese Giano

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Heart - AD Creations

Bracelets - Acid & Mala Creations

Piercings - Chaos, Panic & Disorder

Hair - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Skin & Fangs - 90 Degrees

Nails - Virtual Insanity