Thursday, June 30, 2011

55L - Evolve and Finesmith

Ready for some 55L fun? Evolve has an amazing outfit called Morela out for sale and it's a steal! If you're low on linden but love great style then remember to visit Evolve and pick this up. It's a sexy black look with amazing prim work, perfect for an evening out or even a meeting. I personally enjoy the simple look here, it's both stylish without being outlandish and works great to adding accessories.

This outfit comes in full with the top, prim sleeves, and the stockings. They're a mix of a patterned stocking that goes from the end of the skirt to the knee and then turns back into a solid black. I wore a pair of ankle boots from Mary Jane Shoes. I kept everything very simple on color to stand out in the striking and powerful black and also highlight the stockings.

I also went all black to showcase this amazing jewelry set from Finesmith which you can also pick up for 55L! That's right, the majority of this look cost less than 200L, not counting the shoes nor the hair from Vanity Hair. But you can always mix and match with this to keep it under budget and have a load of fun as well. Remember, fashion doesn't need to be expensive just expressive!

Outfit - Evolve

Jewelry - Finesmith

Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Hair - Vanity Hair


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