Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mohna Lisa Couture - Thread Bare Silk Gown Noir

And now I share with you this lovely gown from Mohna Lisa Couture. I wore this beautiful piece for their fashion show, an amazing gown that I also enjoy wearing for my shifts at the store. Being able to wear this dress was such an honor but having to do it in front so many people; how nerve wracking! Could I really live up to beauty and grace of this dress? Thread Bare Silk Gown Noir is an amazing piece of art, mixing sensuality with true elegance.

I took these shots actually at the Mohna Lisa Couture store, on the runway where the show was. Only difference, no one is here to watch! So much easier to be on the runway without eyes judging but you miss people seeing you though. As you can see in the picture, this dress is beautiful front and back. I always love when an outfit looks amazing coming and going, no matter which angle you are viewed from. The attention to detail put into this gown is very obvious.

Since it was a fashion show I wanted to wear only the best, Finesmith jewelry was my first choice. It fit perfectly with this gown I believe, adding many levels of beauty to an already outstanding piece of art. My hair is from Vanity, a style that was chosen to give a bit of modern flare to this look while still being elegant.

Dress - Mohna Lisa Couture

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - Vanity Hair


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