Friday, June 10, 2011

Finsemith x HOX - Going Cherry

Style is a beautiful thing! Now, when I was granted access to the Cherry Blossom set from Finesmith I had no idea what I'd wear it with. It is such a bold and lovely set, you can't wear it with just anything. You need the right look! Well boy I didn't have to wait long because House of Xevion created this lovely gown called Cherry Dots. A dress made perfectly to go with this set, it's like a beautiful marriage. The dress mirrors the pattern and colors of the jewelry perfectly.

From front to back this design is lovely. I am a huge fan of pink and love the way it mixes with the whites and reds of the dress. The one shoulder look is very in styling and adds a hint of sensuality to the look. The strap is done in cute dots, flowing well with the overall feel of the piece as well as the jewelry that matches it.

Of course you have to see a close up on this site! I am wearing Cherry Blossoms, an amazing set that has earrings, a necklace and head piece along with the face mask. I'm also wearing nails from Finesmith because this look is all about them and HOX; always great to see items matching so beautifully. Of course you could wear the jewelry and dress alone or with other items so don't feel limited; let your imagination soar ladies!

Dress - House of Xevion

Jewelry - Finesmith

Hair - Vanity Hair

Skin - Heartsick


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