Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Purple Moon - Retro Vibes

So as you know, I always have a posting bias when I work some place...well welcome to my new bias; Purple Moon! I have wanted to be a model for Purple Moon for quite some time and note my shock when I finally was picked! Now, I've been with the store for about a month now but I finally found this sexy look to share. It's how you'll usually see me at the store to at the moment. Purple Moon is having a second anniversary special and part of the deals you can get you see on me. The dress is totally free to group members. 50L to join the amazing update group and you can get this and many more deals and specials.

As the title suggest, this dress is called, literally; Retro Dress. The pattern and style have a sexy 70's feel to it that I just love. The pattern is perfect for the dress, almost like a paisley look. It's a simple dress with a beautiful prim skirt so it's tons of fun to accessorize. I wore a sexy pair of boots from Mary Jane Shoes in purple to match the colors in the dress itself. I really felt the knee length boots went very well with the short dress, plus they remind me of go-go boots.

My jewelry is all from Purple Moon. The earrings were FREE and offered via notice in the update group. The necklace is 300L but if you're in the update group you get a 75% discount; wow! You pay 300L and get 250L back instantly! They match the earrings perfectly. My hair is from Vanity Hair, a sexy fro to tie in with the retro look and it has a purple band to go with the dress, win win for Sophi.

Dress & Jewelry - Purple Moon

Boots - Mary Jane Shoes

Hair - Vanity Hair


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