Thursday, June 30, 2011

LoveCats - Rose Fairy

If any of you lovely fashion fans went to The Fashion Files - Summer 2011 show then you will know what this is. It's one of the newest releases from LoveCats called Rose Fairy. It was previewed at the show for all who went and they had an early chance to buy it along with another new release that you will see soon. Now, this amazing outfit has been released for the general public! To follow the trend of amazing fairy fashion, this fully put together look adds in a beautiful flower theme.

From head to toe you will be covered in roses. The wings are made up of beautiful flowers and the body is covered with perfectly placed petals that add a hint of modesty, though in true fairy form you are free to be with nature. The wings are flexi as well as the sleeves and skirt that come with it. Everything moves beautifully and gives a very mystical feel to the outfit which I love.

I threw on some eyelashes I got from [glow] that I love. They're green prim lashes, very fitting for the Rose Fairy outfit. It brings color and life to my eyes, along with the eyeshadow from label Mode. My hair is simple and blonde from, I wanted a very neutral style that wouldn't take away from eyes nor the amazing outfit.

Outfit - LoveCats

Hair -

Eyelashes - [glow]

Eyeshadow - label Mode

Skin - JeSyLiLo


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