Friday, June 17, 2011

[sYs] - PULSAR

Fun and full of adventure, I bring you some amazing designs from [sYs], a great store on Second Life. Now, this outfit came my way because the dance troupe I'm with was performing for a fashion show. The designer was, of course, [sYs] and we all wore this amazing catsuit. Now, I'm a fan of the store and its styles so I wanted to also blog it because...well that's what I do! So you're seeing the full PULSAR outfit. Amazing boots, the catsuit, soundglasses and even the skin and bracelets!

I won't lie, I feel in love with the glasses, they go so well with this look and, even better, you can easily wear them with other outfits as well. They are very futuristic but also modern and simple enough to mix and match with. The suit itself is sleek and utterly sex so if you have a rocking shape this will be perfect to show it off. I'd like to point out that [sYs] has a discount section which where you can pick up the PULSAR bracelets you see me wearing! Also, the bracelets, glasses, boots and even the head piece are HUD controlled so you can change the color of the accents. For the show, I made mine pink!

This skin is part of their dual line, when you get the skin it has two looks. The one you see in the picture with the cyber accents near my eye and also a plain version with just the lipstick and eyeliner. This skin is perfect for a gothic look! I love good quality pale skins with delicious black lipstick, I actually saw this skin and loved it before I knew it matched the PULSAR outfit; what are the odds?! It also comes with a head piece (shown in my second picture) so that is pretty neat I think.

Everything - [sYs]

Hair - LoQ


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