Friday, June 17, 2011

Deep Red Lolita

One of my favorite things to do, review Curious Kitties! This time we're going Lolita, a very fun fashion style from Japan that I adore. This actually came about during one of my modeling classes, we were asked to come in wearing a style we enjoyed and talking about it. I picked Gothic Lolita and wanted to wear an outfit from Curious Kitties but did not get a chance. However, I now get to share with you readers my love for this style by wearing the Deadly Rose Dress in red. I'll also point out my hands, I'm wearing Tiny Fuzzy Kitty Gloves that you can pick up for free as an update group gift, so adorable!

This dress is just lovely with accents everywhere. I love the rose theme to it. You can also find free, yes free matching boots; another update group gift. Best part is, if you pick up the Deadly Rose boots you get them in four colors! The dress itself comes in four colors as well so you can find the matching boots totally free to finish your outfit! I'm also wearing Cyberfuzz Stockings in red, lovely stripes that go great with this Lolita look.

Now, if you're wondering about the title of this post it's because I am wearing the Deep Red skin from Curious Kitties. It's much like the blue one I showed before except...well it's red! I love the make-up on this one, around the eyes and lips. It's a very soft red but not too muted where you won't see it. And yes, shape, hair and shape are all from Curious Kitties; you can get everything you need for your avatar there. Make a total look form head to toe; I love it! And I love doing these posts, pure bias for a great store.

Everything - Curious Kitties


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