Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Style by Danielle - Finesse

Through my journeys in Second Life I have done a many thing. While I enjoy being a model there is also the flip side, being a blogger. It goes and in hand with my fashion life. I have my own personal blog but I also help with other ones when I can. As part of my side duties I was asked to review this dress. It is called Finesse and it comes from Style by Danielle. This gown is truly gorgeous and even though I don't always wear gowns in SL, when I do I enjoy to wear high quality ones. This piece if showy, eye catching and just an overall gem.

I am a fan of the pattern here, it is not one solid color splotch of a dress. Half is red and the other half has an almost lacy layer over it where you can still see red under it. Not to mention the flower pieces added on to give even more flare to this gown. It is skin tight, showing off your beautiful curves yet spreads out the bottom beautifully. It's a great dress to show off a beautiful skin, like mine from Amacci. It's a group gift so better snatch it up!

The jewelry you see on me is also from Styles by Danielle, a lovely set made to match the dress. Best part? It's color change! So you have the option to change the gems to fit whatever you might be wearing. My hair is a brand new release from EMO-tions, a unisex style for men or women.

Dress & Jewelry - Style by Danielle

Hair - EMO-tions

Skin - Amacci - (FREE Group gift)

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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