Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Precious – Diantha

I feel like a million dollars in this dress! If you know me or read my rants then you would know I spent most of my time on SL working. Why? To have money to enjoy SL and to me that means going to modeling school.I want to perfect this craft and learn all I can learn...and then learn more! It's why my blogs have been slower, having to fit in schooling with work. Currently I'm in three academies and two I actively take class in (the other I need to finish next month). And do you know I wanted to join more schools? Work-a-holic! But really...I can never not blog. Showing off my sense of style is one of the reasons I like to model and my blog gives me so much freedom; I love it!

I know what you're saying "Shut up Sophi and talk about the dress!" but I hate to say it..Diantha speaks for itself. When I saw the vendor picture I knew it was something special. Elegant with a touch of sensuality, it's great! But my favorite part has to be the high lace collar. It comes in white, red and black. I enjoyed the black one, sleek and mysterious. Plus, I had a look in mind when I saw it! Every time I slip into a dress by Agnes Finney I feel like a princess. The brand name My Precious is perfect because it expresses what you are in these gowns; precious.

When I saw this dress from My Precious I wanted black because I knew how I wanted to style it. I wanted a chance to wear this jewelry set from Earthstone. It was a special figure 8 design released to group member for only 99L a piece. I usually can't afford their lovely jewelry but when I see a sale I run! The group is 250L to join (or you can slip in on the special events when it's free) and it's worth a group slot. I won't lie, with all my groups for work and blogging I have a hard time being in ones I want to be for stores...but I try!

Dress - My Precious

Jewelry - Earthstone

Hair - Son!a Luxury Fashion

Eyes - Banana Banshee


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