Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Curious Kitties - Forbidden Roses

More fun with Curious Kitties! I've been so busy lately it's been hard for me to blog so today I went with an easy choice. There is such an ease and sense of fun whenever I get to review an item from Curious Kitties. No huss, no fuss; just magical wonder. I am showing you this time an outfit called Forbidden Roses. Now, this is a unique tale. When this first came out I picked up for 0L in four colors. It was a steal I tell you! But any fan of the store will tell you they have bargains like this all the time which is why I visit everyday just about.

However, if you missed the opportunity the outfit is 3000L, wow! Why? Because it's awesome! You get the full outfit, folks. With highly detailed prim chains, a fur collar, boots, the works. What you can't see from my picture is the animated texture of the outfit. So as I wear it the blue looks like flowing water. What you also cannot see if the blue aura around me, sort of like an electric field I guess? I didn't expect it either because it's hard to tell in the vendor pictures; what a pleasant surprise!

The chains have roses hanging from them, hence the name. Plus it does feel a bit forbidden when you're wrapped in chains. I showed you the blue color so I could also present this Deep Blue skin that you can find as well. The eyes are the Playful Android eyes, in blue of course. All matching together to create an almost...cyber fantasy look. It's hard for me to put a genre on Curious Kitties fashions because each design ends up blowing my mind.

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