Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warm Hawaiian Day

Nope, never been to Hawaii! But since I'm showing off this great Hawaiian shirt from VERO MODERO I was in the mood. Besides, it's hot here! I really don't like Summer in the real world, it's so hot and icky. June has barely started and I already need to live under the AC. Ah, the joys of the virtual world; no need to sweat! Now, I won't lie, in the real world I would probably never wear a Hawaiian shirt; just wouldn't look good on me. Thankfully on Second Life everything looks good on me! And of course, the great designs of VERO MODERO make is very easy to look amazing.

Now I haven't had a chance to mention it here yet but...I am an official VERO MODERO model! It is quite exciting. Having blogged their items many times I jumped at the chance to join the team. So yes, I am a bit biased about their designs but trust me, if you buy you won't be disappointed. Here you get a great look at my cool white pants, very relaxing and casual. I also have adorable ballerina flats on, in white to match the pants. You can purchase both of these from VERO MODERO as well.

Virtual Insanity has some sexy new nails out guys! I wear Virtual Insanity almost all the time, I love their prim nails. Especially the funky styles and designs they bring to the table; great stuff! Oh, and you like my tan? Well, thankfully I didn't have to sit in the sun to achieve this glow; it's from Mar cStudios! My hair is from Exile and it comes with the flower in it, thought it was a nice touch for a Hawaiian feel.

Outfit & Shoes - VERO MODERO

Bracelets - JD Designs

Hair - Exile

Skin - Mar cStudio

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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