Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sensual Goth

Emergency blog! Gals, you need to head over to AngelsDemon Creations and grab this dress! One day sale, July 27th 2011, that's right get this dress for 100L. Shut the front door! You know I love sales and this one can't be missed. This sexy, gothic dress is called Line and it's full and beautiful. Short in the front and flowing in the back, it's very Victorian with a modern edge that is just what the doctor called for. For only 100L you get a truly amazing outfit, highly detailed prim work great textures.

Because the dress was short in the front I wanted to pair it with a very sexy pair of boots. I went with this great pair by [Moxie]. Daring, straps and leather...rawr! They come in great colors as well, but I was drawn to the red pair. I love the style to these boots and the straps are such a great touch. If you know me, you know I get annoyed by shoes that have the RGB color stuff going on so a great pair of boots is always a plus in my eyes. No worry about recoloring, just re-size if need be.

Who is that beautiful girl? Why it's Sophi! And I'm sporting a beautiful new skin from (R E D) Mint, and when I say new I mean brand new! This one is hot and sexy with so many options and matching make up to pick up as well. Sexy, deep and rich this skin is very polished and would look amazing with many different styles. Hair is from D!va and it's free guys! It's the current group gift at the store for their 2nd anniversary so you get all the colors, I'm showcasing garnet.

Dress - AngelsDemon Creation - ($100L one day only sale)

Boots - [Moxie]

Hair - D!va - (FREE group gift)

Skin - (R E D) Mint

SoliDea FoliEs - En Garde

En Garde! No, really...that's the name of the outfit. This adorable piece is a brand new release from SoliDea FoliEs. You get the dress and the hat with this one guys. I love gentle feel of this look, beautiful pearl white accented with lovely flowers. I'm also sporting a magical staff! I wanted a very whimsical look so I'm using a staff from Fairy Tail, it's an adorable crystal staff with a heart on it.

Here you can see a great up-close shot of the hat that comes with En Garde. The flowers on the hat match the flowers on the front of the dress. There is also a feather in the hat which I feel is a great touch. Actually, the hat is my favorite part of this look. I love the style of it and details put into the flowers and even the pearls that hang down to your face.

And here is a great close up shot where you can see the pearls of the hat. You can also see the necklace I'm wearing, also made by Fairy Tail. A cute pair of glass slippers that I feel went well with the mystical feel of the outfit. My skin is from Mother Goose and I picked it up for free of their Lucky Letter boards. They have tons of boards, you should stop by and grab a chair because it'll take a white to get all the great skins.

Dress & Hat - Solidea Folies
Necklace & Staff - Fairy Tail
Skin - Mother Goose
Hair - Lamb

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cloudy Summer Day

Boy is it hot! I mean wow! We are reaching temps of over a hundred here which isn't common in my neck of the woods. What I wouldn't give for some nice, friendly clouds to help block the sun a bit and cool down the afternoons. And such is the theme of this post, based around the new Cumulonimbus Collection from [croire] which is only 75L this weekend! Highly detailed this little rain cloud comes with dangling rain droplets and an adorable lightening bolt charm. Rain or shine, it's a great piece of jewelry so ladies, hurry before the sale ends!

Speaking of sales, I worked my outfit around the necklace, wearing this lovely yet simple dress from Sticky Fingers which can be yours for only 125L during the Taste of SL event this week. Also adding to the look are the cute clogs I have on from Baby Monkey Shoes. These clogs come in eleven different colors and it's 45L for a pair during the sale event. So that's a great necklace, dress and shoes and still under 500L; wow! Remember though, the Cumulonimbus Collection is only on sale for this weekend. You get a lovely necklace and brooch!

Did you know Amacci is having a sale? Ladies you have until the 31st to rush over there and experience amazing discounts, like mind blowing! Whole fat packs for only 395L, every color! I'm wearing the style Tracy, a look I wanted before but couldn't afford; now I can at these prices! Save on the skin too ladies; I'm wearing the Cupcake Hunt prize from FACES Studios so nothing out of pocket there! A whole, beautiful style based on a lovely necklace, I feel like I can take on anything; even a little rain!

Dress - StickyFingers

Shoes - Baby Monkey Shoes

Necklace - [croire]

Earrings - Beauty Code

Hair - Amaaci

Skin - Faces Studios

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Sunny Summer Day

When the sun is high and it gets hot people naturally either stay in or head out. And what better place to go than the beach or pool. Of course on SL we can't really feel and enjoy the cool feeling of the water but that doesn't mean we can't look amazing hot while there. K-Code has released an amazing series of bikinis. Each suit has two colors to it, as you can see in the picture. The colors mix perfectly and the pattern of the suit is great. It's not a simple bikini, you can tell effort was put into this design which is always great to see.

I'm not huge on swimsuits on SL since I don't really have time to do such things like relax and swim, I'm always working. But a model we need to keep a very full closet and if you're going to add a swimsuit to it, make it classy! The Sabrina line of swimsuits from K-Code are both sexy and stylish which is right up my alley! I also adorned my body with a new tattoo release from Urban Republic Co. because I needed some ink baby!

My beautiful hair, you say? Well it's a new release from [Me.] and it's called Kara. Lovely HUD controlled color change for main hair color and the highlights. I won't lie, I love seeing more hair stores with the HUD control; it saves so much space! I'm also wearing Aeron Zinfandel which you can find too at Dulce Secrets for only 75L, this lady loves sale prices!

Bikini - K-CODE

Jewelry - Finesmith

Tattoos - Urban Republic Co.

Hair - [Me.]

Skin - Dulce Secrets

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Curious Kitties - White Flower Set

Been a while since I've shown any beautiful Curious Kitties, eh? I'm telling you, this store has so many amazing releases it's hard to keep up and with my personal life being such a mess most of my blogging has been slower. But I gotta show some love to one of my favorite stores on SL. This time I am showing you the White Flower Set. Now first, I will tell you it's only 25L, that's right....under 50L! Whoah! And by set I mean you get multiple things for that low prince; dress, sandals and hair.

This dress is a gorgeous, white sundress. It's perfect for a warm day walking through a park or along the beach. Don't be fooled at how elegant and simple it looks, the texture use on this high class. It may only be 25L but you get a great deal of bang for your buck. The skirt is prim and accented with white flowers that continue the theme of the texture pattern used in the dress. There are also tiny flowers around the straps of the dress as well.

I always stress how many great deals Curious Kitties has, plenty of freebies and always great gifts for the update group. Offering not only a dress but also a hair style and shoes to match for only 25L is mind blowing. The sandal are adorable, white with a stylish wedge. You also get a mini HUD to change the skin and nail color, I will note the skin choices match up with the ones sold at Curious Kitties; which I love anyway so you should too! Haha

Everything - Curious Kitties

Casual in Kastle Rock Couture

So this look started from a funny story...well sort of. Working under Dolce Enderfield we had a meeting with the creator of Kastle Rock Couture, Spooky Mistwallow. I wanted to impress so I rushed over to this great store to pick out a great look though also was on a budget. Lucky for me the store is apart of 55L Thursdays and 60L weekend! I had wanted to stop by for 55L Thursday anyway so this was the perfect chance to have a mini shopping spree! This is the style I came up with and didn't break the bank either which is always a plus in my book.

I grabbed the Clarice tank top on sale for 55L and choose to go with purple because it's just a color I enjoy. For under 100L you get three colors; purple, gold and green. It is a lovely tank, a bit shimmery and quite sexy. It can easily be worn under a stylish jacket for a more upscale look or dressed down as I went. The jeans were 60L and came in a long option or capri all together. Added a sexy belt from +DV8+ to accent my well toned virtual abs and simple heels from

Now! A nice extra is my hair! I got a notice about Maigcka having some new releases and usually I don't go rushing to shop for new items since it means money. But I saw the pictures and just couldn't resist. The style I have on is called Pix, I'm such a fan of pigtails. Best part is, the colors are now HUD controlled so I nabbed the fat pack and with one object and a HUD I can go anywhere in the color rainbow. Ans yes, those beautiful nails are from Finesmith, I just love the color and the design on them.

Outfit - Kastle Rock Couture

Belt - +DV8+

Shoes -

Collar - Red Mint

Bracelets - Acid & Mala

Earrings - Phoebe's

Tattoos - CoLLisions

Eyeshadow - Label Mode

Nails - Finesmith

Hair - Magicka

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MEILING Couture - RL Fashion on SL

Have you ever seen a great outfit in a department store or on the runway and thought to yourself "I wish I could have that style on Second Life." Well now you can! Meiling Couturier has joined the grid to share her unique styles with the virtual world. Taking runway styles from flesh to pixel, here is your chance to have a bit of real world couture on your avatar. Today I'm showing you a lovely two piece outfit, a pink jacket with a long and flowing beige skirt.

Here you can see the skirt a bit better, you can see the details of the pleats and prim work of the flexi skirt. It moved when you walk, much like the real version would. The colors are also very soft and gentle, perfect for spring or a calm Sunday afternoon. I enjoy the feeling of wearing this knowing somewhere in the world another beautiful woman is also wearing this and it has even been seen on a real life runway. You find this and many other RL fashions on SL at MEILING Couture.

I added a lovely scarf I picked up from The Dressing Room Blue, a great spot to go for amazing discounts on quality items. My earrings and nails are from the one and only Finesmith. My hair is from Ali & Ali and you can find it for free if you head over to their store and participate in the bridal hunt. Amazing hair styles perfect for a bride or just a fan of Ali & Ali. The one I'm showing is Yahira and the flowers in the hair are color change, I made them pink to go with the outfit.

Outfit - MEILING Couture

Scarf - [glow] studio

Jewelry & Nails - Finesmith

Hair - Ali & Ali

Skin - JeSyLiLo

VERO MODERO - Asian Dress in Yellow

If you're looking to expand your Sl closet this summer then look no further than Vero Modero. Newly released, a collection of short and sexy Asian inspired dresses in beautiful colors. Today I'm showing you the yellow option; a great look for the hot weather. You can easily wear this hanging out or on a runway, high quality styles can always be expected from Vero Modero and each release is a must buy.

I wore a lovely pair of yellow nails from Virtual Insanity with this. You can currently pick these up at a sale price as part of the Taste of SL event. These nails are perfect for the summer and they change color, so you get one set of nails with 10 different color options to go with any look you might have. You can also see a lovely side view of the dress and how the pattern goes totally around it from front to back.

I'm also showing off jewelry from Zibska, a full set of color change jewelry so you can go gold like I did or silver or even green or pink. The beads and the fringes change color. I'm showing off a new skin release from JeSyLiLo called Bunny, and it actually comes with tattoo eyebrows so I made them blonde to match my lovely hair style from Angel Hair. If you want to buy it, look for Feray.


Jewelry - Zibska

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Hair - Angel Hair

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Thursday, July 7, 2011

55L - Purple Moon, Finesmith and Dulce Secrets

It's Thursday again, a great day on SL. Why? Because that's when you can start finding amazing items for only 55L across the grid as part of the 55L Thursday event. Many designers offer their wears for a discount price. Some good, some bad and some amazing! I picked out what I liked, formed an outfit and now present it to you. Yes, the majority of this look is made up of items that were 55L. I'll start off with the dress and hat, I got them at Purple Moon. When I do my shifts I enjoy modeling the 55L sale items for people so they can see how they look. They always put out separate pieces so you can mix and match or put together like I did here.

Here we have a fuller look at the dress. It's a lovely sundress and perfect for spring or summer. The aquamarine color is calming and gentle while the texture on it almost reminds me of sea waves themselves. The hat is an adorable sun hat with flowers and a blue ribbon, it goes together very well with this dress. Hats on SL are hit or miss for me, so much prim adjustment needed. For me, this one fit pretty well without any work so I was very happy.

I'm also showing off this nail set from Purple Moon, 55L along with the dress and hat. My chocolatey skin is from Dulce Secrets and can also be nabbed for the sale price of only 55L. A beautiful skin under a 100L?! Unheard of! If you like my jewelry then visit Finesmith, the lead store during the 55L sale. The set is called Noga and you can purchases the pieces at the store, I'm wearing the sapphire version to match the colors of the rest of the outfit. Ring, necklace and earrings available.

Dress, Hat & Nails - Purple Moon

Jewelry - Finesmith

Skin - Dulce Secrets

Hair - Exile

Evolve - Luster

So funny story, I was on my way to Designer Circle to see what was on sale. I get the notecards every now and again but don't always have time to check. This day I did. I'm walking around and I'm stopped by the owner of Beauty Code. She said she notices me on her sim taking my pictures for the blog and asked if I would blog an item for her; I said sure! Now the Designer Circle ends its 8th round on July 9th so if you like earrings be quick to get them for the discount price guys. Before I mention the item, a shout out to Evolve. I am wearing their 55L Thursday offering called Luster. A lovely, short dress great for partying or hanging out with the ladies. It has an amazing shimmery texture and is very sexy if I do say so myself.

I kept the look simple, just the dress and the earrings. I do love the neckline of Luster, very simple and elegant, I would say it can work well without a necklace if you have the right hair do and such like I put together. A snazzy up do from Vanity Hair. The real shine here is towards the earrings. For only 50L you can own these too. Glitter Fringes Earrings are what you're looking for, either in gold or silver. They're made by Beauty Code, a great store you'll see along with many others at the Designer Circle.

Dress - Evolve

Earrings - Beauty Code

Hair - Vanity Hair

Monday, July 4, 2011

Taste of SL - Red, White and Blue

Taste of SL time again! This week the theme is perfect for the holiday. All the items are themed to be red, white and blue so it's perfect for finding sale items to express your patriotism. I'm wearing this sexy American themed lingerie from Blacklace. Now, I don't own much lingerie since...well I have no one to wear it for, but I couldn't pass up this set. I am a sucker for holiday themed items and this is just insanely sexy. Best of all, you can get it this week at a sale price!

Oh, you guys have to see the back. Excuse my rear end but as you can see this is a set of lingerie that is amazing front and back. I enjoy the corset and garter belt look but you can wear this in many ways. Just the panties and bra, without the bra (they also have nipple pasties for the modest) without the stockings, etc. I do like how many options this set gives you for styling and mixing and matching. Plus, despite being on sale, Blacklace still provides great quality work.

I would like to point out this jewelry you see on me also comes with the set. So you get lingerie and jewelry. Also, the outfit has cute charms hanging down from it, like in the middle of the bra area and from the bows at the stockings. An amazing bargain. My nails, if you noticed them in the post, are also on sale during the Taste of SL event and are from Virtual Insanity. You get the nails and a make-up set that has eyeshadow. I just didn't wear it since the hair base for my Vanity Hair style is also a tattoo.

Lingerie - Blacklace

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Hair - Vanity Hair

LoveCats - Stars~n~Stripes

You can always count on LoveCats to provide you with great neko outfits for every occasion. We have a brand new 4th of July theme outfit called Stars-n-Stripes and also for sale are the ears and tail you see me wear. As you can see, this outfit is very sexy leaving only the national flag to protect your modesty. This not for the shy girls, this all out for those who want to show what they're made of. Uncle Sam look out!

Here you can see a full body shot, you can also see the shoes that come with this outfit. More of the tail as well, I love the red stars in the tail! You also get white star tattoos with this look which I, personally, will be using with other looks because I like tattoos and I like stars. That's the beauty of a LoveCats outfit. You get a full outfit but the piece are great to use for mix and matching.

And finally take a look at my beautiful mug. The bracelet comes with the outfit, by the way. The necklace is from Shade Designs, I picked it up as part of their 60L outfits for the 4th of July. The hair you see on my head actually comes with Stars-n-Stripes so you can wear it or switch it out for another style. But it's made perfectly to fit under the hat. Lip piercing is from Sour Pickles, it has dangly stars that are red, white and blue.

Outfit - LoveCats

Necklace - Shade Designs

Lip Piercing - Sour Pickles

Make-up & Nails - Virtual Insanity

VERO MODERO - Red, White and Blue

Yes, I hope everyone had a great today in America. Celebrating the fourth. Don't forget to make sure to shop on Second Life and grab the great holiday themed items! VERO MODERO has a great set as a free group gift, wow! Perfect for the summer and the beach, this bathing suit is very sexy and flirty. It also comes with the bracelets you see which is amazing for a freebie. The nails are from Virtual Insanity and you can grab them during this week's Taste of SL event.

Here you can see a full body view of the outfit. It's a sexy red swimsuit with a coverup for the bottom half that you can wear or omit. You also get the blue shoes. They're flats and very comfortable for the beach! Included is a beach ball too, so you can play with it and wear it around and have fun with it. The VERO MODERO update group is a great place to be and the only way to pick up amazing freebies each month like this one.

Up close view now! Here you can see the bracelet you get with the bathing suit up close as well as the earrings that come with it; yes you get the earrings! And the hat! I'm also wearing make-up from Lovely Mi made just for the 4th of July. Very patriotic and stylish; I love the flag on the lips. You can, of course, wear just the lipstick or just the eyeshadow...or wear them both together as I did. Hair is from Calico Ingmann Creations and is free, along with other great styles colored just for the 4th.


Hair - Calico Ingmann Creations

Make-up - Lovely Mi

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gelese Giano - Independence 4th

Get ready for the fourth, guys! If you live in America then you know the 4th of July is right around the corner. So in honor of that, Gelese Giano has created a wonderful gown and it's only 155L! This is an amazing way to support your country and show your pride for the red, white and blue. Best of all, you can look fabulous doing it! This gown offers a very refined look, perfect for a dance or an event. While being both elegant and patriotic it is also very feminine and sexy.

If you want to up the sexy factor, this outfit gives you the option to turn this into a lovely mini dress. So after going to your gala event, cut loose and party with your friends on the dance floor! Short and flirty, this mini dress will help you ring in the 4th with a real bang! The fireworks are you! This is a great dress to catch everyone's attention, even Uncle Sam will salute. It's a quality piece as well, with amazing prim work and style.

The upper part of this dress is out of this world. Cut out in just the right places with starts to cover your modesty. I paired this with great jewelry from Earthstone made just for the 4th of July. A lovely set in red, white and blue; perfect for the gown. My skin is from JeSyLiLo, a special deal you can pick up as well as part of their Lazy Sunday sale. Hurry on that one before it's full price!

Dress - Gelese Giano

Jewelry - Earthstone

Hair - Vanity Hair

Skin - JeSyLiLo

The Italian Taste - Dark Lady

The Italian Taste is back ladies! A collection of amazing designers on SL, all from Italy and all offering you amazing deals for amazing prices. Today I shall show you a few of the things you can pick up, but you only have until the 5th of July guys so hurry! Everything is under 100L so perfect for those on a budget. I shall start with this amazing dressed by [Aliza Kura]. This beautiful gown is full of a dark, gothic beauty. It's elegant and extravagant but a piece of art meant to be worn and enjoyed. A full gown with amazing prim work accented with black pearls.

Also available during the sale are these sexy boots from [WAP Design] a lovely pair of black boots for almost any look. These can be paired with jeans, a skirt or even a dress as I did. They're dark and edgy but also classy and well made. The texture on them is very beautiful, a rich metallic accented with slight lace details and red heels.

Les Petits Details has also provided an item for the sale, a lovely make-up set. I paired it with one of their skins. The hat is from SoliDea FoliEs, an elegant hat with pearl accents that go well with the dress. And thus, the meaning of the title. All these items are called Dark Lady and I feel they mix perfectly as a lovely, elegant gothic set. Of course, you pick them up and mix and match. But I wanted to show you their beauty together; but have fun with it!

Dress - [Aliza Kura]

Boots - [WAP Design]

Hat - SoliDea FoliEs

Skin & Make-Up - Les Petits Details

Bracelets - Acid & Mala

Hair - W&Y Hair

Friday, July 1, 2011

Curious Kitties - Feathered Flower Dress

Hey guys, it's Sophitia again bringing you more Curious Kitties fun. Following the gothic lolita vibe from my last entry with the store I bring you another great outfit. This, as the title states, is the Feathered Flower Dress. It is a lovely piece with great colors, mixing sweet red tones with deep and powerful black. I enjoy this look because, styled right, it looks very gothic with only a hint of lolita. I enjoy the black, it's dark and powerful yet made classy and sweet by an expert designer.

This dress almost feels sad to me, a thoughtful dress with a lot to say. I once again wore the Deadly Rose Boots along with the Cyberfuzz stockings in red since the dress has red in it. The skirt is a beautiful piece of prim work, open and free. I'm usually a fan of more flexi skirts, however, I feel this style works for the dress. It adds a lovely bell shape to the body while still not looking too bulky.

As usual, the skin and hair are also from Curious Kitties. The skin is called Deep Red and I love how, along with the shape, it makes me look like a porcelain doll. The hair was a free gift back in spring. I like how it's black but is very girlie and sweet. It brings a bit of life to the look as well as changing the mood a bit. It softens up the full black dress with the red flower wreath but the style and color of the hair still continue the gothic feel.

Everything - Curious Kitties

!Right - Fashion Baggy Ashleen

Showing off some sexy styles from !Right again. Don't be shy, show some skin! Today I bring you the outfit called Fahsion Baggy Ashleen in khaki, it also comes in grey. It is currently 99L but the sale won't last forever, normally it is 299L. You get the full outfit; top, bag, pants and even the hat. The only thing you don't get are shoes. I wore boots from Malfean Visions, great chance to wear them too! The color is olive but it goes well with this outfit. I picked them up during 60L weekend, I always stop by Malfean Visions for their weekend sales!

As you see, even the back is sexy! The top can be worn a variety of ways. Either with just the bra, like in the first picture, or with a top to cover up a bit more. The pants ride low in the back to show off the naughty lil thong you get along with the full outfit. Too hot to touch! Perfect for a stylish back tattoo or even a tramp stamp. !RIGHT is the right choice for stylish yet sexy outfits for a casual day or a night at the club.

My beautiful face is helped by a skin from [Acide!], a new release that comes in many shades. I suggest checking it out, it's nice and simple. Very clean and great if you want to wear make-up or just let your natural beauty shine. Hair is curtsey of Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. I wanted a nice look to fit under the hat but still be stylish. Collar is a great new release from (R E D) M I N T, RLV ready if you're into that.

Outfit - !Right

Shoes - Malfean Visions

Collar - ( R E D ) M I N T

Hair - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Skin - [Acide!]

Nails - Virtual Insanity