Monday, July 4, 2011

Taste of SL - Red, White and Blue

Taste of SL time again! This week the theme is perfect for the holiday. All the items are themed to be red, white and blue so it's perfect for finding sale items to express your patriotism. I'm wearing this sexy American themed lingerie from Blacklace. Now, I don't own much lingerie since...well I have no one to wear it for, but I couldn't pass up this set. I am a sucker for holiday themed items and this is just insanely sexy. Best of all, you can get it this week at a sale price!

Oh, you guys have to see the back. Excuse my rear end but as you can see this is a set of lingerie that is amazing front and back. I enjoy the corset and garter belt look but you can wear this in many ways. Just the panties and bra, without the bra (they also have nipple pasties for the modest) without the stockings, etc. I do like how many options this set gives you for styling and mixing and matching. Plus, despite being on sale, Blacklace still provides great quality work.

I would like to point out this jewelry you see on me also comes with the set. So you get lingerie and jewelry. Also, the outfit has cute charms hanging down from it, like in the middle of the bra area and from the bows at the stockings. An amazing bargain. My nails, if you noticed them in the post, are also on sale during the Taste of SL event and are from Virtual Insanity. You get the nails and a make-up set that has eyeshadow. I just didn't wear it since the hair base for my Vanity Hair style is also a tattoo.

Lingerie - Blacklace

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Hair - Vanity Hair


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