Friday, July 1, 2011

Curious Kitties - Feathered Flower Dress

Hey guys, it's Sophitia again bringing you more Curious Kitties fun. Following the gothic lolita vibe from my last entry with the store I bring you another great outfit. This, as the title states, is the Feathered Flower Dress. It is a lovely piece with great colors, mixing sweet red tones with deep and powerful black. I enjoy this look because, styled right, it looks very gothic with only a hint of lolita. I enjoy the black, it's dark and powerful yet made classy and sweet by an expert designer.

This dress almost feels sad to me, a thoughtful dress with a lot to say. I once again wore the Deadly Rose Boots along with the Cyberfuzz stockings in red since the dress has red in it. The skirt is a beautiful piece of prim work, open and free. I'm usually a fan of more flexi skirts, however, I feel this style works for the dress. It adds a lovely bell shape to the body while still not looking too bulky.

As usual, the skin and hair are also from Curious Kitties. The skin is called Deep Red and I love how, along with the shape, it makes me look like a porcelain doll. The hair was a free gift back in spring. I like how it's black but is very girlie and sweet. It brings a bit of life to the look as well as changing the mood a bit. It softens up the full black dress with the red flower wreath but the style and color of the hair still continue the gothic feel.

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