Thursday, July 7, 2011

Evolve - Luster

So funny story, I was on my way to Designer Circle to see what was on sale. I get the notecards every now and again but don't always have time to check. This day I did. I'm walking around and I'm stopped by the owner of Beauty Code. She said she notices me on her sim taking my pictures for the blog and asked if I would blog an item for her; I said sure! Now the Designer Circle ends its 8th round on July 9th so if you like earrings be quick to get them for the discount price guys. Before I mention the item, a shout out to Evolve. I am wearing their 55L Thursday offering called Luster. A lovely, short dress great for partying or hanging out with the ladies. It has an amazing shimmery texture and is very sexy if I do say so myself.

I kept the look simple, just the dress and the earrings. I do love the neckline of Luster, very simple and elegant, I would say it can work well without a necklace if you have the right hair do and such like I put together. A snazzy up do from Vanity Hair. The real shine here is towards the earrings. For only 50L you can own these too. Glitter Fringes Earrings are what you're looking for, either in gold or silver. They're made by Beauty Code, a great store you'll see along with many others at the Designer Circle.

Dress - Evolve

Earrings - Beauty Code

Hair - Vanity Hair


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