Thursday, July 7, 2011

55L - Purple Moon, Finesmith and Dulce Secrets

It's Thursday again, a great day on SL. Why? Because that's when you can start finding amazing items for only 55L across the grid as part of the 55L Thursday event. Many designers offer their wears for a discount price. Some good, some bad and some amazing! I picked out what I liked, formed an outfit and now present it to you. Yes, the majority of this look is made up of items that were 55L. I'll start off with the dress and hat, I got them at Purple Moon. When I do my shifts I enjoy modeling the 55L sale items for people so they can see how they look. They always put out separate pieces so you can mix and match or put together like I did here.

Here we have a fuller look at the dress. It's a lovely sundress and perfect for spring or summer. The aquamarine color is calming and gentle while the texture on it almost reminds me of sea waves themselves. The hat is an adorable sun hat with flowers and a blue ribbon, it goes together very well with this dress. Hats on SL are hit or miss for me, so much prim adjustment needed. For me, this one fit pretty well without any work so I was very happy.

I'm also showing off this nail set from Purple Moon, 55L along with the dress and hat. My chocolatey skin is from Dulce Secrets and can also be nabbed for the sale price of only 55L. A beautiful skin under a 100L?! Unheard of! If you like my jewelry then visit Finesmith, the lead store during the 55L sale. The set is called Noga and you can purchases the pieces at the store, I'm wearing the sapphire version to match the colors of the rest of the outfit. Ring, necklace and earrings available.

Dress, Hat & Nails - Purple Moon

Jewelry - Finesmith

Skin - Dulce Secrets

Hair - Exile


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